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General Director of the Third Sector Social Cinema Laboratory, director and producer Nikita Tikhonov-Rau June 17 held a master class “Features of social content creation”… The event was held as part of an open video competition for social projects “Good story” with a prize fund of 1 million rubles.

Nikita Tikhonov Rau has been creating films on acute social topics for about 10 years, most of them were implemented in collaboration with the director Olga Arlauskas: “Out”, “Cheat death”, “They are us”, “Found_live” and others. Note that the second season of the interactive series “Nayden_liv”, dedicated to the activities of the search and rescue squad, is expected to be released in autumn Lisa Alert.

During the meeting, which was held in digital format, the producer spoke about the specifics of creating social cinema and gave advice to artists wishing to try themselves in this genre. Here are the main points:

  • The main criterion for assessing the quality of content is boring and not boring. The story should be interesting. To do this, you need to understand drama and master the art of storytelling – to be able to tell a story in different formats, be it short film, full length or TV series.
  • If you hook a person with a story, he can plunge into it, even if it was filmed in complete darkness, with shaking hands, etc.
  • The laws of drama were formed by the ancient Greeks – in any story there should be an exposition, set, development, culmination, finale and epilogue.
  • The key feature of a short film is the lack of time to “swing”, it is necessary to immediately put the viewer into action.
  • Social advertising has a fundamentally different level of responsibility of the author. In fictional films, you can dream up a lot – here, as they say, bribes are smooth, but in “social” you need to be well versed in the topic to which you are touching. This requires a research: go to a non-profit organization and recruit material. Keep in mind that each of them has its own nuances.
  • A social video is a social advertisement. It is created not for the sake of art, but to solve a certain social problem. Although no one bothers you to make it a work of art.
  • Social advertising must sell a specific pattern. The person through your story should become better.
  • You need to do cool, meaningful and passionate.
  • Self-confidence does not come until the first success. If it is important for you to share something, do it to the limit of the possibilities that you have today.
  • The hero is only a tool, a building material through which the author speaks.
  • Art does not exist for the sake of art, but for the sake of a person who faces countless problems throughout his life.
  • Cinema is a way of living life, and incredibly interesting at that.
  • Even a responsible, socially significant statement cannot be edifying today: it must go through an exciting story for the viewer. And it’s an art to express a serious problem in an entertaining format. What we are doing.

Niktika Tikhnov-Rau also listed the problems that worried him personally and the projects he is working on at the moment. He noted that a person, regardless of era and nationality, is concerned about approximately the same problems: the topic of fathers and children, the position of vulnerable members of society, issues of good and evil, love and compassion, etc. Only the form of the “painful” statement changes. Personally, as a father of two children, he is concerned with the topic of relations between adolescents and their parents, the problem of orphans (in World, according to the speaker, there are about 200 thousand people in orphanages), as well as aging issues.

Currently, Nikita Tikhonov-Rau, together with his team, is preparing a project about a nursing home. The main character is a young man who was planning to go to the island to open a surfing school, but accidentally ended up in a nursing home. Communicating with the guests, he is deeply imbued with their personal stories, as a result of which his worldview is radically changed.

“While you are young, it seems to you that this is forever, and the stories of old people are something passing by somewhere. But this is a delusion – and we will grow old! Moreover – if you’re still lucky “– explained the speaker.

About the Good Story Contest

All-Worldn video competition on social projects “Good story” held within All-Worldn Youth Film Forum The Union of Cinematographers of World with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

The main goal of the competition is to increase the information transparency of the best social projects of non-profit organizations. The mission of the competition is to expand the presence of social topics in the media space.

Prize fund – 1 million rubles… Prizes will be awarded in each category in the following nominations: Best Director’s Work, Best Cinematography, Best Fiction Screenplay, Best Documentary Screenplay. Separately awarded the People’s Choice Award – “The best video about a social project”… The winner in this nomination is determined by the viewers: the prize will be given to the author of the video, for which the majority of viewers voted on the Dobraya Strana portal.

Applications are accepted until August 15, 2021 inclusive.

Text – Alya Koldunova