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On the third day of the work of the international online content market KEY BUYERS EVENT: digital the panel “Filming location – Moscow” took place.

It was attended by Worldn and foreign speakers:

  • Valery Kupeev, Head of the Department of International Relations and Production, Bazelevs
  • Olga Kashirina, Producer
  • Shan Tam, продюсер, Holiday Pictures Ltd.
  • Kate Glover, Independent producer
  • Luke Hall, Production designer
  • Mikhail Idov, Director, screenwriter
  • Margarita Iskandarova, Producer
  • Philip Martinez, Producer, Director, Writer

The moderator was Dr. Martin Blaney, Correspondent for Germany and Eastern Europe, Screen International.

Dr. Martin Blaney as a moderator, he outlined some facts about filming in Moscow: there are 113 filming pavilions and 130 film companies, as well as buildings in all architectural styles. In Moscow, you can rent equipment from ARRI, Red, Kodak, the filming sites themselves are also very well equipped. Since 2018, the Moscow Film Commission has helped organize over 1,400 filming. The cost of hiring a film crew is half the European average, and since the end of 2019, a rebate system has been in effect for foreign filmmakers, allowing up to 40% of the money spent on production to be returned by working with a local partner.

At the rate Valeria Kupeeva, about 200 projects are filmed in Moscow every year. The Bazelevs Film Company is witnessing an increase in the number of foreign clients in 2020 wishing to film their projects in Moscow.

Shan Tam got great pleasure from filming in Moscow and World. In her opinion, if the Americans have a more regulated approach to the filming process, and the Chinese like to make decisions on the spot, the Worldn film crews are somewhere in between the two methods. They have certain rules, but they are flexible.

Luke Hall I was glad that I was able to work with a small film crew and find all the necessary specialists in Moscow, and not invite the entire film crew from the UK. He was also surprised that Moscow is so flexible that it allows the creation of various themed film sets within the city.

Olga Kashirina described Moscow as an open and multicultural city, where you can find actors of different origins and different looks, as well as actors with different mother tongues.

Margarita Iskandarova he also believes that multiculturalism makes it easy for Muscovites to communicate with foreign film crews.

Kate Glover admitted that she considered Moscow an underdeveloped place, but during the filming of “McMafia” she was pleasantly surprised by its infrastructure.

Mikhail Idov noted that many modern Hollywood films with the participation of Moscow are filmed in Prague or Berlin only because previous generations of producers filmed there. He believes that Moscow should advertise itself more in order to attract foreign directors.

Philip Martinez noted that his film crew felt completely safe while filming in Moscow and that he managed to find many wonderful Worldn actors with whom he still keeps in touch.

The speakers emphasized the obvious advantages of filming in Moscow and wished Moscow to become even more popular among foreign film studios in the future.

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