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Probably, we will never cease to be interested in what the greats started with. The first paintings by artists, the first symphonies of composers, the first films by directors … here, perhaps, we will stop.

Based on the first student’s works, one can assess the potential of the master, determine the inclinations of his genius and see the barely visible style.

We have prepared for you the second part of a selection of student films by famous directors.

Kira Muratova “Spring Rain” (term paper, 1958)

Director Kira Muratova studied at VGIK in the workshop of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. The first work of Muratova is a short film “Spring Rain”. She took it off with Alexander Muratov, who in the future became her husband.

“Spring Rain” tells a very warm and tender story of how the first romantic feeling arises between young people.

The main role in the film was played by Oleg Tabakov. This was one of his first screen appearances. Valentina Khmara became Tabakov’s partner. Muratova herself also played a small cameo role in the film.

The painting turned out to be “ordered”. She was filmed during the anti-alcohol campaign in the USSR. As a result, “Spring Rain” was shown on television.

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Kira Muratova “At the Steep Yar” (thesis, 1961)

Another film with Alexander Muratov was shot by Kira Muratova in 1961. It was the thesis “At the steep ravine”. The shooting took place at the Gorky film studio, which was then created by S. A. Gerasimov. The latter was the artistic director of the project.

The plot of the film tells how the village boy Senya intends to kill a she-wolf with a brood. His desire is motivated by the danger to the collective farm herd.

Film critics noted that in this film it is already possible to trace “the unusual lyricism of Muratov’s direction.”

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Andrei Konchalovsky “Boy and a Dove” (term paper, 1961)

The 19-minute film “Boy and a Dove” is a term paper by Andrei Konchalovsky and Evgeny Ostashenko. Both students studied in the workshop of Mikhail Romm at VGIK.

The plot of the film tells about the dream of a little boy who really wants a dove for himself. One of the hero’s favorite activities is watching the flight of this bird. You can buy a dream on the market … for 100 rubles. But where does the child get that kind of money !? Having exchanged a bird for an album with paternal stamps, a moment of happiness comes. But for how long !?

The main role in the film was played by Nikolai Burlyaev. Konchalovsky saw him right on the street and just called him to the cinema (later Burlyaev will play in Andrei Tarkovsky’s film “Ivan’s Childhood” and many other places).

The Boy and the Dove won the Leone di San Marco Prize for Best Entertainment Film for Childhood at the Venice Film Festival in the children’s film competition.

Many film critics and representatives of the film industry already then emphasized Konchalovsky’s talent. Not mistaken.

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Alexander Sokurov “The lonely voice of a man” (almost thesis, 1978)

Alexander Sokurov’s film “The Lonely Voice of a Man” has an interesting story that clearly shows that there is no need to give up.

So, the end of the 1970s. Sokurov studies at VGIK in the workshop of A. Zguridi. The student even receives an Eisenstein scholarship for excellence. However, Goskino believes that his works are full of anti-Sovietism, and prohibits almost all of them.

The film “The Lonely Voice of a Man”, which was filmed as a graduation, was doomed to destruction. The picture would never have received various awards and would not have seen the light of day if Sokurov and screenwriter Yuri Arabov did not dare to steal a positive copy of the tape and the sources from the archive.

The film is set after the Civil War. A Red Army soldier falls in love with a nurse. Young people go through a rather difficult path to find the long-awaited happiness.

Almost 10 years after its creation, the film received a prize at the Young Cinema of Leningrad film festival, the Bronze Leopard Grand Prix at the 40th IFF in Switzerland, and two Nika film awards.

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Tim Burton “In the Footsteps of the Celery Monster” (student work, 1979)

If Sokurov made his first full-length work, then American director Tim Burton began with small forms.

While studying at the California Institute of the Arts, he often shot amateur short films. Among them are “Houdini”, “The Island of Doctor Agora” and the actual animated film “In the footsteps of the celery monster” (in the name alone one can feel the inclinations of the familiar Burton).

At the same time, this film was considered lost for a long time. We have only a few minutes available to us. Drawn with pencils, it tells how the evil dentist and his assistant abuse patients.

The characters’ speech is distinguished by an unusual accent, which is an invention of Burton.

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Steven Spielberg “Wandering” (1968)

The Wandering film is not Spielberg’s first work. The 26-minute short was filmed by the director for Universal, where he then trained.

In general, Spielberg’s path as a director began in childhood. At the age of 12, he had already made his first amateur film. Further experiments continued. Little Stephen was often seen with his father’s camera. In high school, he shot about 20 short films.

The film “Wandering” is a road movie about a traveling guy and a girl. This tape impressed the vice president of Universal. So the director started working in the studio.

Watching the film can be difficult for the average viewer, but Spielberg fans will definitely appreciate it. The atmosphere of the cinema seems especially attractive.

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