Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Tidus, Yuna, Seymour – there are many interesting characters in this game. Will you find your double among them?

Final Fantasy 10 was the first part of the Final Fantasy franchise to be released for the PlayStation 2. It introduced the series to a whole new generation of gamers, and delighted longtime fans with the benefits of new technologies – improved graphics, voice acting, better cutscenes and more.

Players loved the deep and engaging storyline, the new Blitzball mini-game, and the many interesting characters. Some of them have something in common with the signs of the zodiac, so players may even find their soul mate among them. We’ve compiled a list of 12 characters from Final Fantasy 10 who share the most common features with the typical zodiac signs.

Aries – Kimari Ronso

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Yes, here we have an anthropomorphic lion. But in his character, he really looks like Aries. This sign is known for its strength, courage and always poise, like Kimari himself.

Those born under the sign of Aries are kind, sympathetic and strive for success. Kimari not only devotes herself to Yuna as her guardian, but also seeks to regain his honor in the eyes of the other ronso. However, Aries are also hot-tempered and can be quite aggressive. Kimari demonstrates this when he is angry with those who, in his opinion, threaten people dear to him.

Taurus – Auron

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Taurus is reliable, practical, and responsible. True, they can also be very stubborn and uncompromising, like Auron. But Taurus are capable of being good friends, since loyalty is not an empty phrase for them (although their excessive concern is a little annoying).

Auron, with his tenacity and vigilance, is ideal for Taurus. He clearly saw the flaws in Sin’s endless cycle, and his willpower and dedication to Braska and Jeckt enabled him to complete the deed.

Gemini – Yuna

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Gemini are very kind, inquisitive and always striving to get to know the world around them. They are usually cheerful and sociable, but they seem nervous at times.

Gemini harbors two different personalities, just as Yuna is torn between two peoples, whose blood flows in her veins. She must, like her father, fulfill her role as a summoner, but at the same time not forget about the origin of the mother.

Cancer – Seymour

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Seymour is one of Final Fantasy 10’s antagonists, and his life choices were influenced by events from his childhood. Then he had to see his mother sacrifice herself to become the Spirit of faith.

Cancer people are stubborn, imaginative and persuasive. The latter trait can manifest itself in manipulation, as is the case with Seymour. Cancers can be very emotional and sentimental, which is evident in Seymour’s love for his mother. They also tend to be suspicious, pessimistic, and insecure. Perhaps these traits of him led to the fact that Seymour became a nihilist and believed that killing Spira’s people would save them.

Leo – Tidus

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Charismatic Leos make friends easily, their humor and energy help them in this. But they are also so strong personalities that sometimes they even suppress those around them. Self-esteem only fuels their self-confidence.

Leos can be arrogant or overly dramatic, but their kindheartedness can make up for it. They are great at cheering others up, and one of Tidus’ greatest strengths is his ability to cheer up Yune.

Virgo – Wakka

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Virgos are kind, hardworking and practical people who always strive for success. Wakka can be called the ideal Virgo, because he not only wants to lead his blitzball team to victory, but also takes on the role of one of Yuna’s guardians during her pilgrimage.

Virgos tend to be very worried about how they look in other people’s eyes, and may be overly critical of others, and this is evident in Wakka’s attitude towards al-bed. They also like order and good organization of things, which is why Wakka fully embraces Yevon’s teachings, so he always has something to guide him.

Libra – Brasca

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Brasca is the perfect embodiment of this sign. Libra strives for harmony and peace, and this was precisely the main goal of Braschi, who was ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of a lofty goal.

Libras, as a rule, are constantly in search of new knowledge, they are obsessed with books and become good teachers themselves. They also value their partners, which is also true of Braschi and Yuna’s mother. Despite the controversy surrounding their union (since Yuna’s mother was al-bed), Braska’s respect and love for her were tested.

Scorpio – Ject

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Scorpios are known for their explosive nature and propensity for violence, which is what Ject recalls. On the other hand, they are very loyal people who respect their friends. Jeckt demonstrates this trait with his friendship with Brasca and Auron, but it’s a shame that the same didn’t happen to his son.

Scorpios are very passionate and assertive people who can make great leaders. But sometimes they can also appear arrogant and aggressive. Scorpios are naturally secretive and distrustful, that is, it is difficult for them to express their emotions. Because of this, it has always been very difficult for Jekt to express his love for Tidus.

Sagittarius – Chappu

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Wakka’s younger brother, Chappu, hardly appears in Final Fantasy X, but we learn about him through Tidus, who even uses his sword. Sagittarius are known as energetic, passionate, charismatic extroverts who are able to cheer up everyone around them.

However, they can also succumb to bouts of lethargy and hopelessness. But at the same time, Sagittarius people really enjoy their independence and freedom, including love to travel. So Chappu chose his own path, joining the crusaders.

Capricorn – Sid

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Capricorns are considered to be very responsible and disciplined people who zealously honor traditions. These character traits can be possessed by both ordinary people and great leaders like Sid, who leads al-bed.

Capricorns find it difficult to make concessions, but family is very important to them. Sid, for example, did not forgive his sister for marriage to Braska, and stopped talking to her. Yet when Yuna was born, he relented. Sid protects his entire family (including his niece), and is ready to risk a lot to save her from a sad fate.

Aquarius – Rikku

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Representatives of this sign can be quiet and shy, but at some point they begin to pour out their energy. Like Rikku, a girl from the al-Bed people, Aquarians are progressive and forward-thinking.

They value their friendship highly and will go out of their way to help others, especially their loved ones. Rikku is struggling to save Yuna. Aquarians, by the way, are very funny people, as you can see from her in Final Fantasy X-2.

Pisces – Lulu

Final Fantasy X Zodiac Signs

Pisces are famous for their intuition, tenderness and wisdom, like Lulu, Yuna’s loyal and caring guardian. They protect their loved ones, are disinterested and are always ready to help others, without demanding anything in return.

In addition, Pisces is often prone to creativity and has a specific taste, for example, Lulu stands out from the rest of the characters with a gothic style of dress.

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