Google crashed the price of all Android apps and games

More and more people see the point in using all kinds of smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, televisions and other electronic devices running the Android operating system. Over the years, technology based on this platform has become more powerful, functional and cheaper, if we talk about various kinds of budget electronic devices. Although there is a certain proportion of people in the world who prefer to find APK files on the Internet and install applications and games manually, spending a whole lot of time on this, but the vast majority of modern people prefer to download and install applications from the Google Play store, where both paid and and free products. The playmarket also allows you to update the software with a few clicks.

Perhaps many do not know this, but when a developer sells any program or game through the Play Store, he pays a commission of 30% of the amount to Google. In practice, this means that if an application, for example, costs exactly 100 rubles, the “search giant” takes as much as 30 rubles from each sale, and the developer is forced to pay tax on the remaining amount of money. All this leads to very high prices for software for ordinary users, and of course, this is not even close to anything good. In recent years, more and more developers and companies have formed in the world who consider such a commission to be very high.

Google crashed the price of all Android apps and games

Google has always stated that the 30% commission allows it to keep Play Store running, fight malware, continually improve user experience, develop service, and other ideas. However, it is obvious that all this does not require the tens of billions of dollars that the playmarket brings to the corporation. As a result, the “search giant” was forced to surrender under the pressure of the public, deciding to reduce this very commission, which became much less than ever before up to this very moment. Starting from July 1, 2021, any developers who earn less than $ 1 billion a year will pay a commission of only 15%.

Google crashed the price of all Android apps and games

Simply put, the American corporation has decided to halve the size of the commission, making it significantly lower for more than 99.4% of software and game developers. This will allow software creators to make money, but many of them will definitely want to make their creations more accessible to ordinary users. Thus, already in the middle of this summer, one can expect that many programs and games will noticeably drop in price, by about 10-15%. Not only all kinds of programs will become cheaper, but also, in addition, paid subscriptions. All this will have a positive effect on the pockets of ordinary Worldns, because less money will have to be paid for the old goods. The innovation has already been officially approved, and information about this has been received from an official source.

Earlier it was reported that the American corporation Google has released Android 12 with a long-awaited feature.

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