Grand Theft Auto IV will be available on iPhone and iPad next year

Mobile technologies are developing at a record pace. If about five years ago, 3D games with beautiful graphics on tablets seemed like something fantastic, today nobody will be surprised by this. The gaming company Rockstar Games understands this perfectly, so it annually releases one new game on iOS and Android mobile platforms, the last of which is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Each time, Rockstar Games solemnly announces that the release of a particular video game on mobile platforms is associated with its 10th anniversary since the release on consoles and personal computers. This company has proven time and again that the touchscreen is not a hindrance for full-fledged games with a powerful storyline.

Grand Theft Auto IV will be available on iPhone and iPad next year

Against this background, millions of players from all over the world are waiting for the release of the game Grand Theft Auto IV for iPhone and iPad, as well as dozens of other tablets based on the Android operating system. Since this game was released in 2008, it would most likely be assumed that Rockstar Games will only port it to mobile platforms two years later, but this is not the case.

The fact is that the release of Grand Theft Auto IV for the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles took place on April 29, 2008, and the version for computers debuted six months later – in early December of the same year. Thus, it is most likely that Rockstar Games will release Grand Theft Auto IV for mobile as early as December next year, not waiting 4 months before its actual decade.

Grand Theft Auto IV will be available on iPhone and iPad next year

Modern flagship smartphones and tablets are capable of running Grand Theft Auto IV, albeit at low graphics settings. While Rockstar Games typically enhances all of its iPhone and iPad ported games with improved graphics and more realistic effects, things can be very different with Grand Theft Auto IV. It cannot be ruled out that this game from the GTA universe will be the first project of Rockstar Games for mobile platforms, in which the graphics will have to be “cut” for compatibility with most smartphones and tablets.

If Rockstar Games does release Grand Theft Auto IV on iPhone and iPad next year, then it should happen at the very end of the year – December.

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