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Head of the Moscow Commission Anastasia Zuenko took part in the North Caucasian Youth Film Forum, which is being held June 18-21 in Cherkessk… During the Q&A session on the opening day of the forum, the Moscow guest spoke about the specifics of the film commission’s work, the rebate system and the most popular locations in Moscow.

According to the speaker, since the establishment of the City Interdepartmental Commission, about 1,000 applications have been processed, 2,500 filming have been carried out and 23 international projects have been implemented. The services provided by the film commission are free, but the organization works only with filmmakers and does not assist in the filming of advertisements, political and music videos.

Thus, film production companies and students of specialized higher educational institutions can count on free assistance in:

  • assistance and coordination of filming
  • support in obtaining permits for filming at city sites
  • advice to filmmakers on filming issues
  • assistance in preliminary visits to locations
  • recommendations for organizing filming and selection of locations.

Using the example of the activities of the Moscow Film Commission, the speaker presented an algorithm for organizing a similar institution from scratch.

“First of all, it is necessary to establish interaction with the leadership of the region. Then gather a team – find active participants, future employees of the film commission, as well as form a clear work schedule “, – said the participant of the event.

In order to attract a film crew to the region, it is necessary, according to Anastasia Zuenko, to make a good website listing the possibilities and locations of the region, to raise the professional level of its employees (who are able, among other things, to work with foreign representatives), and also to provide filmmakers with legal support for regional level.

The speaker noted that the capital operates on a rebate system: “We have a system of subsidies, rebates, subsidies for rental films. We also hold contests on the theme of the image of Moscow, recognizable Moscow. This applies to full-length and short films “.

Continuing the theme of the image of Moscow in cinema, Anastasia Zuenko added that there are many more places in the city hidden from the inquisitive eyes of artists: interesting alleys, small streets. Although the “key” places of the Zlatoglava (Kremlin, Bolshoi Theater) are still in high demand among applicants.

Film Commission Is a non-profit organization created, as a rule, by state authorities with the aim of optimizing the interaction between the authorities and filmmakers at the federal and regional levels.

In World, the initiator of the formation of film commissions was the Association of Film and Television Producers (APKiT), the first region where this institution was created in 2016 was the Primorsky Territory.

In the capital, the City Interdepartmental Commission was founded in 2018, in accordance with the order of the Moscow Government No. 92-RP, on the basis of the Moskino State Budgetary Institution of Culture. The organization is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFSI).

North Caucasian Youth Film Forum-2021 is completing its work within the framework of the All-Worldn Youth Cinema Forum, which started at the business site of the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival in April, and will end at the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum in November. The Film Forum traditionally includes a rich business program with the participation of key industry players and young authors. The key event of the Kinoforum is the pitching of debutants, where authors under 35 present their work in different categories.

By the organizer The North Caucasian Youth Cinema Forum was presented by the Union of Cinematographers of World with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, the Ministry of Culture of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, the National Fund for the Support of Copyright Holders, Canon, Roskulttsentr, the Association of Film and Television Producers, the Muvistart production center.

Further, the forum “goes” to Arkhangelsk regionwhere July 14-18 will collect the best projects of young authors of the North.

Text – Alya Koldunova