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But in the end, will that change the rather bland dungeon exploration?

Slightly deviating from Dying Light 2, let’s remember its predecessor from 2015. Techland’s zombie parkour has received regular updates since its release. So regular that a whole spin-off recently came out with the interesting title Hellraid, opening a new fantasy story mode with the ability to play dungeons.

We are still far from Harran, survivors.

Released last August, Dying Light: Hellraid completely throws away the nightmares of the urban undead of the first part of the game for a fantasy mess that could be borrowed directly from The Elder Scrolls – all these dungeons, swords, skeletons and dark mages. If until today all this could be played exclusively in the raid mode, now it can be done in a new story mode called “The Prisoner”.

A new, more focused mode comes out with three new quests (solo or co-op), two new types of weapons (bow and two-handed hammer), new enemies and locations. There is also updated lighting and improved live sound, which will mark all your activities in the game with a much more eerie accompaniment.

It turned out that the release of Hellraid was not a big hit. DLC reviews remain firmly in the “mostly negative” position, citing repetitive, uninteresting gameplay in identical hallways and rooms. But the fight Hellraid surpasses even its positioning as a DLC for Dying Light – the expansion was originally planned as a mod for Dead Island, until it turned into a full-fledged game.

Perhaps a story mode and a few new things will dilute the monotony of Hellraid. But for now, it looks like it would be better to treat the DLC as what it really is – a long-awaited attempt to kick another underground inhabitant out the door and throw him out of his head.

But, there is still a sequel that is well worth the wait. After, as everyone decided, the announcement of the game too early, it remains to expect more detailed information about the release of Dying Light 2 in December, the 7th.

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