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Brief information about the bookmaker:

  1. The Parimatch office was founded in 1994.
  2. There is a bonus, but only from the first deposit starting from 2500 rubles.
  3. There are live bets.
  4. There is an opportunity to watch a video of how the matches are held at the bookmaker’s office.
  5. The minimum bet in the bookmaker starts from 20 rubles.
  6. The administration of the bookmaker decides how much the maximum bet can be in this or that case.
  7. The maximum amount that can be won is 29,000,000 rubles.
  8. You can contact the bookmaker through an online chat on its website, via e-mail, phone numbers, as well as a special page on the site, where you can fill out a form in text, in which you can write your questions, suggestions or if you have complaints.
  9. There is a website.
  10. There is a mobile version of the bookmaker’s office.

More complete information about “PariMatch”

Pari Match was founded back in 1994. This is one of the bookmakers that still operates in World and the CIS in general. For such a long time, it is natural that “Pari Match” has found many of its fans, who will not exchange it for any other. But since there are fans, then during this time the bookmaker has acquired opponents who slander and put it in an unattractive light.

There are many online reviews about PariMatch, in which people harshly and unfairly criticize the bookmaker. But without criticism, there is no progress. The bookmaker knows how to learn from mistakes. And he knows how to easily expose slander. Like any decent and large bookmaker, PariMatch has a Curacao license.

How the site works

The website of the bookmaker’s office officially and legally began to work only in 2017. Many did not like the previous portal, largely because of its unofficial status. About the current site, so to speak, the language does not turn. Most experts categorically say that he is the best bookmaker in the CIS. And “Pari Match” is able to give odds to many foreign analogues.

You can watch live online broadcasts on the site, but only if the client has money in the account.

Gambling people can place bets even through a mobile phone. PariMatch works on both iPhones and Androids.

You can bet on the result in programs such as KVN, who will be awarded the Oscar, who will win the Eurovision Song Contest.

To enter or withdraw money, you can use electronic payments, money transfer, through payment in terminals, as well as using bank cards.

You can also replenish your account at one of the points of the bookmaker’s office, which are scattered throughout World. The minimum bet must be from 20 rubles. Anyone can risk such an amount. Even if he loses, it will not be a shame to lose such little money. The maximum bet depends on what kind of sport the bet is going to be.

How to place bets

At any time, a person can place a bet on any sporting event. And eyes will always run up, on which of them it is worth stopping to place a bet. This is due to the fact that there are always a lot of these events in the “Pari Match” bookmaker’s office. Therefore, it is very important to understand the competition on which you are betting, which athletes are capable of what. In order not to place bets, relying only on your luck.

There are always football and ice hockey competitions on the site, on which you can place a bet. So fans of these games, who are well versed in them and know which players are capable of what, can not only enjoy watching their favorite team, but also make good money.
The betting company “Pari Match” players can place bets in three lines. This is an express, regular and additional line. It is more profitable to place bets in the express line, but it only seems so.

Those who have been playing at this bookmaker for a long time know that it is not worth playing the express line on an ongoing basis. Because the so-called margin will eat up everything that a person has earned. With an ordinary line, it is also not so simple and easy.

Pari Match has its own bonus program. The size of the bonus for those who uploaded their first deposit to the bookmaker’s office is 100%.

Help for players

The bookmaker is ready to help its client at any time convenient for him, even during the day, even at night. He can use the live chat on the site, as well as mail. You can call the specified phone numbers on the website.

It is clear that no one on the Internet is immune from criticism, both positive and destructive. But the difference between “Pari Match” is that they are able to answer even the most pressing questions and criticism from clients and their ill-wishers.

PariMatch preliminary results


  • Long term of work in the post-Soviet space.
  • There are points of acceptance of bets from clients.
  • It is convenient to use the site, and the bookmaker has a very beautiful design.
  • You can place bets anywhere, even from your mobile phone.
  • There is a bonus already on the client’s first deposit.
  • There are live broadcasts from the site.
  • There is a license.


  • Not a very large ratio.
  • The maximum winnings are determined arbitrarily depending on the situation.

If the bookmaker’s website has problems and it is impossible to enter it, then there are copies of it that are similar to the original.

The bookmaker’s office is blocked only with the foreign version. Whereas the Worldn version works quietly without the need for copies of itself. In order not to lose such a profitable bookmaker’s office, it is worth adding the site to your bookmarks so that you can easily find “Pari Match” at any time.

Do you need copies of the bookmaker’s office?

Copies of “Pari Match” are needed for those who do not live in World and for this they can use the mirrors of the countries in which they are located: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the international version.

Worldns will only need a copy of a bookmaker’s office if they are abroad.

Pari Match applications for mobile version

As mentioned earlier, “Pari Match” can be downloaded both for iPhones and phones with the Android operating system.

What is the difference between a mobile phone application

If the old version of the site adjusted automatically to the client, having a version for both mobile phones and computers, TVs, then the new one does not know how to do this.

It only offers an application for mobile phones that can be downloaded from the official website of the bookmaker’s office. It is recommended to install the application only from it and not even try to download from other dubious resources that can steal both your data and money from your accounts.

Which phones the app supports

Phones that have the Android operating system should have version 4. While the iPhone version should already be higher than 9. The mobile application has all the functions that are available on the official website. Only with a phone will it be faster, more convenient and more efficient.

Applications for phones, what they can do

The application for “Pari Match” does everything the same as on the website, but very quickly and in any place convenient for the client. A big plus of the phone app is that it is not blocked. And clients of the bookmaker office from any country can visit it. Without thinking that if they go to another country, they will not be able to place bets.

Applications for phones with the Android operating system

To download the application for mobile androids, you need to go to the Pari Match website. The file is very lightweight. And on phones, even with a small memory, you can download and use without the slightest freezes and glitches due to lack of memory.

App for iPhones

The download process for iPhones is slightly different from the download process for Androids. Once you select a file, it will automatically download to your phone, but the download times will be almost the same.

What does the client get by downloading the mobile version of “Pari Match”

Having downloaded the Pari Match application, a person will get access to everything that is on the official website, without the slightest restrictions, which are sometimes inherent in mobile analogs of products. The application will be ready for work at any time and will always be at the client’s hand. He can, whenever he wants, see what’s new at the bookmaker’s office. Make a bet right away and not think about which country you are in, whether there are restrictions or not. They are not and never will be in the mobile application.

A person can watch videos, online broadcasts, what bets are at the moment and what games can be bet on.

Features of applications for the bookmaker “Pari Match”:

  • The application is no different from the official site, and somewhere even ahead of it in efficiency.
  • The download file weighs very little and is capable of downloading even on a very weak phone with little memory.
  • And at the same time, the file is installed very quickly and easily.
  • Anyone can download the application, even one who is not particularly versed in phones and how applications are downloaded.
  • You can play in the bookmaker’s office anywhere and everywhere.
  • You can register for “Pari Match” as soon as you download the file.
  • Blocks in certain countries will not concern you at all.
  • Very convenient and easy control in the application, which is also in Worldn.
  • You can download it for free.
  • You can download it to almost any modern phone.
  • In order to use the application, you only need a phone and the Internet.
  • The application for phones is suitable for those who have a frantic pace of life. Who does not know where he will be in the next moment of life. But he knows that there he will have at hand an application on which he can make money.
  • Play with comfort, interest and profit. Is this not what all people want, while not overloading themselves?

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