How to activate Windows 10

It is unlikely that the Windows 10 operating system can be called cheap, because its basic “Home” version costs $ 199, that is, those who want to legally use this OS need to pay about 15,000 rubles for it. This is a lot of money, because we are talking about the platform, and not about any electronic device. If the user needs more features, then he will have to buy a license for the “Pro” edition, which costs $ 289, being even more expensive. This includes support for remote desktop, a set of tools for commercial use, support for an ad blocker, and a number of other tools that may be useful for experienced users of personal computers and laptops.

Regardless of which copy of Windows 10 was installed on an electronic device, it must be activated. The process is simple enough, but everything Microsoft touches becomes folded and confusing, as if on purpose. The easiest way to activate this operating system is to visit the Microsoft Store and log in to your account, because in this case, by doing this, the operating system will automatically activate, and all the features that this platform contains in itself will be unlocked. In addition, in this case, after a few months of use, the desktop will not turn black, and in the lower right corner, an inscription with a proposal to activate the OS will not be displayed on top of all windows.

In a similar way, the activation of the operating system is possible only if at one time a licensed copy of Windows 10 was tied to this very account, while otherwise authorization in the Microsoft Store will not lead to anything. There is another way to activate it manually. To do this, open the Start menu, then launch the Settings application and go to the Update and Security section. In this, among the many options, you must select “Activation”, and then enter the license key in the appropriate field. It consists of 25 characters, which are grouped in five. The activation code looks like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

Where to get the key to activate Windows 10 Home or Pro – everyone must decide for himself, because you can buy it both on the official Microsoft website and in partner stores. In order for the activation to be successful, you will need to reboot the electronic device after entering the license key or authorizing in the Microsoft Store account, since only after it will all OS capabilities become available for full use. You only need to activate this operating system once, and after installing updates, including major updates, you do not need to do this. The activation process for this operating system is no different from region to region, so it happens the same for all users, including those living in World, Ukraine, Europe, USA, Kazakhstan and other regions.

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