How to add a number to the blacklist on Android

When big money is at stake, cunning marketers go to all kinds of ways to impose various services and sell products. Some companies and organizations act as aggressively as possible, not only sending SMS messages with advertising of certain offers, although actions of this kind are prohibited by the legislation of the Worldn Federation, if the user has not given his prior consent to this, but also constantly calling. It is unlikely that someone likes that strangers call him on his personal or work phone number and, for example, offer him to take a survey by phone, invite him to some paid event, or assure him of the need to obtain a loan on supposedly favorable terms. To avoid such intrusive calls, you need to add phone numbers to the blacklist.

Google, when creating the Android operating system, provided that one cannot do without a blacklist, because often unwanted calls from unknown persons come to phone numbers. For example, if a person left a certain phone number in an organization or company, but it actually belongs to another person, this person may have unnecessary difficulties, since it will be him who will be called. To avoid unpleasant situations associated with unwanted calls, you should add the phone number to the list of blocked ones, so that later it would be impossible to get through from this in any way. In this case, the user will constantly see the inscription “Number is busy”, and hear the sounds of the disconnection.

How to add a number to the blacklist on Android

Of course, perhaps someone will guess that his phone number was blacklisted, but it is unlikely that after that the advertising agent will want to call again, because he understands that he will definitely not be able to sell some service or some product. It’s easy to add someone’s phone number to the blacklist on your Android smartphone or tablet. To do this, you need to launch the “Phone” application, which is used by default on your mobile device. Following this, you need to open the “Recent” menu and press and hold on the phone number that you want to block. An option “Block” will appear in the drop-down menu, which you need to click on. Following this, the system will warn you that in this case “You will no longer receive calls and SMS from this number.”

This kind of information sign must be answered with consent by choosing “Block”. After that, in the call history, the phone number that was added to the blacklist will be displayed as blocked with a special blocking icon. No calls and SMS text messages will be received from the blocked subscriber, however, it should be borne in mind that this information about unwanted subscribers is contained exclusively in the memory of a smartphone or tablet on Android, therefore, when you change it to any other one, you will have to re-enter all unwanted interlocutors to the blacklist again. Keep this in mind when swapping your SIM card from one device to another.

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