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During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, when competitions in all kinds of real sports were canceled, esports betting gained popularity. Bookmakers predict that over time they will be in increasing demand among bettors, and therefore in this material we will tell you how to make profitable bets on esports.

The most popular types of bets

First, let’s determine what types of bets are popular among players.

Actual outcome

Anyone who is familiar with the theory of betting knows that the most important thing is to get a mathematical advantage over the bookmaker’s office. In digital sports, as in real sports, a match can end in a victory for one of the teams or in a draw.

Only on the victory of one of the teams bets on Dota 2 and League of Legends are accepted (a draw is impossible here). There is an opportunity to bet on a draw in sports simulators: FIFA, NBA, NHL.

Other suggestions for outcomes include wagering on winning rounds by the number of cards. There can be no draw here either. You can find information about the number of cards on the website of the betting company.

In CS: GO, you can bet on the winner of a selected round on a specific map. There are also options with a tie, which are designated as X, 1X and 2X.

As you can see, eSports outcome betting uses the same principle as in real-world disciplines.


Many bettors prefer to bet exactly on the amount of something (totals). Usually bets are made on more or less cards, rounds (CS: GO), goals (NHL, FIFA, NBA). There are also options for betting on a strictly specified amount.

The mechanism here is simple: if the bettor chooses a total over a certain value, then any amount exceeding it will be suitable for him to win. The same principle, but exactly the opposite, is applied in bets on total less than a specified number.

Having understood the main types of bets, you can proceed to the analysis, which will help you make successful bets. Betting will become even more profitable if you take advantage of the special offers of the bookmakers. You can read about the conditions for obtaining a Winline free bet for 1000 rubles by following the link.

Analysis in eSports

As with betting on regular sports, the first thing to analyze is how teams perform at various tournaments.

To win computer battles, you need to practice, and therefore cybersportsmen often spar with each other, arranging mini-tournaments. During their course, teams identify flaws in tactics, test their best practices, and gain even more experience.

By analyzing tournaments of varying degrees of importance, you will be able to identify patterns in the actions of teams and individual esports players. In addition, pay attention to the statistics of wins and totals, track trends.

In betting, you will also be helped by monitoring changes in the rating of tournament participants over several months. Sometimes an esports player can perform well and then fail one game after another. It is important for you to learn how to catch such periods of ups and downs of teams. At the same time, take into account the number of cards won and lost, kills, and the point gap.

For example, in the last 10 games of 3 cards, the team played 25 cards. From this we can conclude that in half of the matches the balance of power was equal, so that the winner was determined only in the last segment. You can safely bet more cards and points on total.

Find other patterns as well and benefit from them.

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