How to block pop-ups in Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac

All Apple smartphones, tablets and computers have a built-in Safari web browser, which allows you to visit the websites with the maximum comfort. Yes, this Internet browser is not ideal, being far from as functional as Google Chrome, but it uses the resources of the iPhone, iPad and Mac very efficiently, which allows not only not to load their technical equipment, but also increases the overall autonomy. The only problem is that for this browser there are no truly full-fledged ad blockers that would perfectly cope with this task. Yes, there are such, but they do not protect, for example, from annoying pop-ups that now and then appear on various sites overflowing with ads.

Apple has addressed this situation by adding a browser-level pop-up blocking preference to the Safari browser for iOS and macOS. Every time a site tries to open a new window, this action will be blocked. At the same time, the user himself will be able to visit any websites on his own without restrictions, as before. This means that the new function has no shortcomings, since it only simplifies the process of surfing the global network, since there is no need to look at all sorts of extraneous websites. Video banners are often used in the form of pop-ups, which can interfere with the viewing of the main content.

How to block pop-ups in Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac

In addition, such windows usually appear in the most inconvenient place on the screen, in the center, so that the user accidentally clicks on this and thereby opens several more windows with advertisements. In order to block the demonstration of pop-up windows in Safari on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, just launch the “Settings” application, then find Safari in the list and go to the “General” section. In this case, you need to activate the switch opposite “Block pop-up windows”. After that, you should restart the browser, and in this case, annoying and extremely annoying elements will no longer cause discomfort while browsing any websites.

Pop-up blocking in Safari on Mac is just as easy as you need to launch your web browser and open its preferences in the upper left corner. In the settings menu that appears, go to the “Websites” section and select “Pop-up windows” in the additional side section on the left. On this page, you need to set a general rule for all sites by selecting “Block”. For individual websites, you can set different rules in order, for example, to allow the administration of a favorite resource to earn more money from advertising, which will allow it to create and publish more interesting materials.

After updating iOS or macOS to a new version, all settings for blocking windows are saved, which means that you do not have to manually activate this function every time. Recently, the resource wrote about how to record a telephone conversation on an iPhone running any version of iOS.

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