How to disable all ads in Yandex.Navigator for Android and iOS

Residents of World have access to cartographic applications from various different companies, but the most popular and well-known among all the existing ones is Yandex.Navigator. This is a modified version of the Yandex.Maps application, and it is intended for laying routes and moving along such routes in any type of transport, from a car to a truck, which requires special rights to operate. This software is completely free, and its database is constantly updated, that is, the current maps and other data from the databases are constantly added over and over again, so that drivers are less likely to receive fines and are less likely to encounter unexpected problems.

This service shows the exact time en route, offering several travel options to choose from, that is, at the discretion of the driver. It goes without saying that Yandex.Navigator also shows traffic jams, doing it with a high degree of accuracy. This map service is constantly evolving, becoming better and more convenient with each update, but the developers began to abuse ads. It has really become a lot of it, and this negatively affects the experience of using this service, especially when you use it quite often. This app for Android and iOS smartphones contains as many as six different types of ads, and all of them can be easily disabled if you know how to do it right.

How to disable all ads in Yandex.Navigator for Android and iOS

This software contains route advertisements, audio advertisements, finish advertisements, route audio advertisements, stop advertisements and route planning advertisements. As you can easily notice, there are really a lot of ads, so you should disable it, especially since this can be done using the settings of this software, which the developers have specially hidden from users for as long as possible. Here you need to understand that it was decided to implement advertising in Yandex.Navigator both to promote other products and services of Yandex, and to make money by advertising third-party offers.

To disable all ads in the Yandex.Navigator application for smartphones based on Android and iOS operating systems, you need to download the software update to the latest version from the Google Play or App Store, then launch and open the settings. In this menu, you need to open the “Map and interface” section, and then, at the very bottom of this section, go to the “Other settings” menu, in which you should move all the switches to the inactive position. After that, all advertising in this program of a navigational nature will be disabled, but you should still restart it in order to be guaranteed to get rid of this completely and completely. After performing actions of this kind, the functionality of this software will not be affected in any way, that is, all functionality will still be fully available.

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