How to group tabs in Google Chrome by keystroke

Modern computers have become more and more productive over the years, and along with the increase in their performance, the number of tasks with which they must be able to cope increases. If not so long ago it was enough for the average user to keep just a few tabs open in the browser, but now, now, some are trying to keep several dozen of them, regularly switching between them. Fortunately, the technical equipment of the electronics allows you to do all this without any special problems, however, in this case, another problem arises, which concerns ease of use. When there are a lot of tabs open in Google Chrome or another browser, it becomes difficult to navigate between them due to confusion and confusion.

You have to constantly spend a lot of time to find the right tab. Recently, the Google Chrome web browser, still the most widely used tool for visiting sites of all existing software on the market, has a function of grouping tabs, but it does not work as conveniently as many would like. It can be turned on or off for all resources, without exception, that is, its temporary or partial work is not provided, so many people do not like the principle of its work. One of those who remained dissatisfied with this possibility of a popular Internet browser was the German software engineer and entrepreneur Ulrich Winkler, who developed a special extension designed to solve this problem.

How to group tabs in Google Chrome by keystroke

The developer has created an extension called Auto Group Tabs, which allows automatic grouping of tabs in the Google Chrome browser by keystrokes. In addition, tabs divided in this way into sections are better distinguished from each other by highlighting in different colors, and this makes it easier to navigate between open tabs. You can download such an add-on for free from the Chrome Web Store using this link, having previously updated your browser to version 89 or newer. After installing the extension, you will need to restart the browser, because only after it will the extension begin to function correctly. It’s easy to use.

To group the tabs of a website in one section, you need to open one of the pages of such a website, and then use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Y (on Windows) or Cmd + Shift + Y (on Mac). In this case, by doing this, all the contributions of a particular site will be automatically grouped, and all the rest will be intact. Likewise, you can group the tabs of only those websites for which it may be necessary and useful, while the appearance of others will not be affected in any way. The developer intends to maintain its extension and gradually add new features to it that will further simplify the use of the Google Chrome Internet browser. The extension works on computers running Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

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