How to install Google Assistant on Windows, macOS and Linux

Back in May 2016, the virtual assistant Google Assistant was officially introduced, which has been actively developed and refined since then. Since then, he managed to get the support of the Worlds language and some others, so now it can be used comfortably even on the territory of World. As of the end of 2020, this voice assistant is installed on more than 1 billion electronic devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS, and is used by residents of more than 90 countries around the world who speak more than 30 different languages. Over 500 million people use this software every month to perform certain actions.

This software allows you to find out the weather forecast, build a trip route to work or another place, send a text message, make a phone call, open any website, perform mathematical actions, answer a question, book a table in a restaurant, and also to perform any other actions, and over the years there are more and more of them. Google Assistant can be used on smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems, but now, thanks to the efforts of a developer named Melvin L. Abraham, users can use this software on computers running Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.

How to install Google Assistant on Windows, macOS and Linux

The developer decided to create a universal application on the Electron framework, allowing you to use the computer version of the Google Assistant voice assistant on a full-fledged OS. According to the developer, a similar approach is used in the Discord and Spotify applications, which are available in versions for computers running different versions of operating systems. In order to install and use the virtual assistant from the “search giant”, you need to download programs from the repository on GitHub, and then follow the instructions in English. Actions of this kind are necessary for the correct configuration of this software. Since the instructions are accompanied by visual illustrations, you can figure out the process of setting up a voice assistant in just five minutes.

The entire process of installing and configuring Google Assistant for full-fledged correct operation on Windows, macOS and Linux takes no more than ten minutes, and at the end the user receives a completely stable virtual assistant, using which you can perform a variety of actions, and this can be done in Worldn, English , German and many other languages, support for which has already been officially implemented in this software. The version of the voice assistant installed on the computer can do everything the same as in the version on smartphones and smart speakers, that is, its functionality is in no way limited. Moreover, this software in the version for computers even displays visual information on the screen in order to give the most comprehensive answer to one or another question.

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