How to take a long screenshot on iPhone and iPad

Apple has gradually expanded the functionality of the iOS operating system. It may be hard to believe in it now, but in the first versions of this OS for the iPhone there was not even support for multitasking, that is, users were deprived of the opportunity to switch between running applications, since opening one immediately closed the other that had been opened earlier. Nevertheless, more than twelve years have passed since then, and over such a time period, this platform has become dozens of times more functional and more convenient for constant use on a daily basis. Owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can take a screenshot of the screen by simultaneously pressing the screen lock and volume up button, at least on modern devices of this kind.

In this case, having made a screenshot of the screen, it will be saved in the device’s media library, and it will be possible to view it through the application called “Photos” built into the gadgets of the Apple corporation. Nevertheless, the screenshot does not always contain all the necessary information, and this creates certain inconveniences. Prior to the release of iOS 13, iPhone and iPad users had to use third-party apps to take long screenshots, but that changed with the release of this OS. It may have been more than a year and a half since its release, but until now many Apple technology owners do not know how to make a long screenshot using standard tools, which will contain a lot of information.

How to take a long screenshot on iPhone and iPad

It is especially convenient to do it in a browser in order to save, for example, an article on a website or capture something in one frame, so that then the information saved in this way can be viewed with comfort. In addition, long screenshots can be convenient when saving correspondence, because in this way you can take one screenshot instead of several standard ones. In order to take a long screenshot in iOS or ipadOS, you need to open a website in the Safari browser, after which, after which, take a screenshot of the screen using the standard keyboard shortcut for your device. On devices with Face ID, you need to simultaneously press the Power and Volume + buttons, and on gadgets with Touch ID, you need to press two buttons at the same time: Power and Home.

As soon as the screen displays a thumbnail of the saved screenshot, you need to click on it, followed by clicking on the “Entire page” button in the upper right corner. Then you need to click on the “Finish” button, although you can first crop a long screenshot from the bottom or top yourself so that it is not too long. You can use this method to create long screenshots only for websites and all kinds of documents, while you still need to use third-party software to save correspondence and data from any other applications. Some of the more popular apps on the App Store that do this are Tailor – Screenshot Stitching and Picsew – Screenshot Stitching.

It is possible that with the release of the iOS 15 operating system in September 2021, Apple will add the ability to take a long screenshot to third-party applications, but here you are already lucky. Earlier, the resource wrote that the American corporation Apple launched an official special service designed to instantly remove iCloud Activation Lock from iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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