Huawei made a forced cash payment to all smartphone owners

One of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers is Huawei, and its branded products are used with enormous, simply tremendous performance, that is, very, very many people see the point in using the brand’s equipment, finding it the best among all analogues existing on the market. Over the years, the Chinese corporation has been actively developing and reaching new heights, but now something has happened that certainly no one even came close to expecting, because he simply could not even imagine that something like this would ever happen. The US authorities accused this electronics manufacturer of deliberately adding various gaps to its smartphones aimed at spying on people.

At the same time, it was noted that information about all vulnerabilities of this kind is transferred to the hands of the Chinese special services, which opens up almost limitless opportunities for all such vulnerabilities to spy on people around the globe. It goes without saying that this was a very powerful blow to the reputation of the entire company, but at the same time, the American authorities also considered it necessary to impose tough sanctions, because of which now Huawei cannot work in any way with American companies, using their technologies and engineering solutions. Even the brand was completely and completely deprived of access to software, which, in turn, did not reflect in the best way on its potential future.

Huawei made a forced cash payment to all smartphone owners

Huawei is no longer able to create first-class electronic devices that it could create and produce before, which means that the sanctions from the US government have a very negative impact on its future. However, if the corporation is able to solve all these problems to one degree or another, then in the case of the trust of tens of millions of people around the world, everything is different. Now, many people are firmly convinced that the Chinese corporation is deliberately adding various holes to their phones, using which third parties can spy on people around the globe, making it as easy and simple as possible. That is why, in order to refute this opinion, the management of the corporation decided to take a very effective, but unexpected step.

Huawei made a forced cash payment to all smartphone owners

For example, the company decided to launch a cash reward program for helping improve software. For a minor security flaw, Huawei promises to pay 1,000 euros, for a mid-level hole, you can get 50,000 euros, but for a high-level vulnerability, it is quite possible to get 100,000 euros. The highest award is an amount of 200,000 euros, which the corporation promises to pay to any person who discovers a critical security fault in its products. To get the money, you must first find any malfunction, and then, after that, contact the brand support service and report your find.

Earlier it was reported that the flagship phone Huawei P50 became the world’s first smartphone based on HarmonyOS.

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