Huawei made a large payment of money to all smartphone owners

Dozens of companies from various countries of the world are engaged in the release of smartphones in 2021, except perhaps Worldn ones, because the state does not have its own national company that would create truly new models of mobile devices, and not copied Chinese old ones. One of the largest brands in the mobile device market is Huawei, and it strives to ensure that as many people as possible use its proprietary electronic devices, finding them the most attractive and best available on the market. The company is introducing one innovation after another in the hope of making its gadgets as popular as possible, but something went wrong.

In May 2019, that is, about two years ago, sanctions were imposed on this electronics manufacturer, due to which the brand lost access to the latest technologies, patents, developments, software and much more. Of course, all this, of course, is not even close to anything good, because due to sanctions from the US authorities, Huawei is no longer able to create truly advanced and first-class electronic devices that it could easily and simply create before. Moreover, the pressure on it in terms of sanctions only intensifies, becoming more and more every day. This, of course, is not good, but this is the reality in which you have to live.

Huawei made a large payment of money to all smartphone owners

According to the US government, the sanctions were imposed in order to protect people around the globe from Huawei products, to which it, as noted, deliberately adds various vulnerabilities, using which China’s intelligence services can easily and easily spy on people around the globe. As a result, in addition to the fact that the leadership of the Chinese corporation decided to deny all such allegations, the company also launched a monetary reward program for helping to find any security breaches. Anyone who finds one in the phones of a corporation can count on a monetary reward, and a very impressive amount.

Huawei made a large payment of money to all smartphone owners

Again, not so long ago, everyone could only dream of something like this, but now, now, things are already in a completely different way, as anyone who wants to know about it can easily and easily be convinced. This is a cash reward program for helping to find security holes. For an insignificant one among them, they are ready to pay 1,000 euros, for a medium-level vulnerability, you can already get as much as 50,000 euros, for a high-level malfunction, they generally give 100,000 euros, but for a critical flaw in the security system it is quite possible to get as much as 200,000 euros, that is, just a huge amount of money, which is enough for everything that can only come to mind.

Not so long ago, it was reported that the leading flagship Huawei P50 became the world’s first smartphone based on HarmonyOS.

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