Huawei made a one-time payment of money to all smartphone owners

One of the largest, well-known and most widespread brands in the mobile device market is Huawei, and its branded products are extremely popular. The brand does literally everything that it can only do, if only as many people as possible use its proprietary electronic devices, because it creates and produces not only smartphones, but also gadgets from many different other categories, which everyone wants can easily and simply purchase, and then, after that, begin to fully use without any restrictions. It got to the point that the company came under severe US sanctions.

Back in May 2019, the US authorities updated Huawei by deliberately adding various kinds of gaps designed to spy on people to its branded products, and it is because of these that sanctions were imposed on the entire brand. Because of these, any American companies can no longer cooperate with Huawei in any way, and therefore the Chinese electronics manufacturer has lost access to the latest technologies, patents, developments and much more. In such a state of affairs, of course, there is nothing even close to surprising, since few people want to spend their money once again on something that can be easily and simply saved on.

Huawei made a one-time payment of money to all smartphone owners

Huawei saw the point in coming out with public support for this kind of accusation, because, according to her, it never added any vulnerabilities to its smartphones, and even more so did not transmit information about security gaps to the Chinese special services, so that they could use them to spy on people around the globe and, in addition, to perform various other activities. In addition, in order to prove its case, the Chinese corporation initiated the launch of a special cash reward program, for participation in which users are required to pay cash, and this is required to be done in fairly large volumes. In all this, of course, there is nothing even close to surprising, because this is a very effective step.

Huawei made a one-time payment of money to all smartphone owners

Anyone from any country in the world who discovers any security breach in a Huawei smartphone that allows access to personal user data has the right to count on an impressive monetary reward, and its size can be reached by virtue of a value of 1,000 euros. That is how much they will pay for a minor security flaw discovered, while for a mid-level flaw it is generally possible to gain 50,000 euros, that is, a much larger amount, and this, of course, definitely definitely must be taken into account. For a high-level malfunction, you can get 100,000 euros, but for a breach of a critical level, you can actually get as much as 200,000 euros. A Chinese corporation support team is required to report any security finding.

Earlier it was reported that Huawei has paid a record high amount of money to all smartphone owners.

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