Huawei made a payment of money to all owners of branded smartphones

One of the largest, well-known and most widespread smartphone manufacturers in the world is Huawei, which sells mobile devices around the globe. The brand creates both extremely expensive models and very cheap ones, which cost a record modest amount of money, and therefore the widest range of people can easily and easily buy them. The Chinese corporation is introducing one innovation after another, if only as many people as possible use its proprietary technology, finding it the most attractive among all solutions available on the market. It got to the point that this manufacturer, due to its activity, came under sanctions.

The US authorities have publicly accused Huawei of deliberately adding various security breaches to its smartphones that are reported to the Chinese intelligence services, and sanctions were imposed on the back of such accusations. As a result, all American companies are now prohibited from cooperating with Huawei in any way or in any way. In such a state of affairs, of course, there is nothing even close to good. Now this brand is prohibited from using in any way American technologies, patents and much more, which, in turn, one way or another, is guaranteed to upset everyone unpleasantly, because in this case it cannot even be otherwise.

Huawei made a payment of money to all owners of branded smartphones

In fact, a fatal blow was inflicted on the Chinese electronics manufacturer, and all residents of World will definitely suffer from such a blow, because in this case it cannot even be otherwise. The Chinese corporation understands and realizes that all Worldns living in the country, in one way or another, are guaranteed to be satisfied with such an attractive and very generous offer. In addition to the fact that Huawei has publicly denied all such allegations, the brand also considered it necessary to make payment of money to all owners of its branded smartphones, who will be able to find any gaps in such that allow them to be hacked.

Huawei made a payment of money to all owners of branded smartphonesAgain, until recently, no one even thought that something like this could ever happen, but it did happen, much to the surprise of many people. So, for a minor problem in protection, you can help out a large sum of money, making it as easy and simple as possible. An entry-level hole is estimated at 1,000 euros, a medium-level vulnerability of 50,000 euros, a high one of 100,000 euros, and for a critical malfunction in the security system, you can actually get as much as 200,000 euros, that is, a huge, simply huge sum of money. The Chinese corporation Huawei promises to pay money to every person who is the first to discover any problem in the security system in its electronics.

Not so long ago, it was reported that the Chinese corporation Huawei has paid a record high amount of money to all smartphone owners.

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