Huawei made payment of money to all smartphone owners due to security

Dozens of popular and well-known brands are engaged in the release of smartphones, but only a few manage to make their electronic devices truly in demand in all respects. One of the largest and most well-known brands in the mobile market is Huawei, and it strives to ensure that as many people as possible use its products, finding them the best and most advanced on the market. The brand has created both extremely affordable phone models and very expensive ones, which cost a record large sum of money. Nevertheless, in May 2019, the American authorities took a step that no one expected at that time – they imposed sanctions on the entire Chinese corporation.

Because of these very sanctions, the company lost access to American technologies, patents, software and much more, which, in turn, is far from being the best way for Huawei’s future. According to the American authorities, they decided to impose sanctions in order to contain this electronics manufacturer, which deliberately adds various kinds of vulnerabilities to its smartphones, information about which is then transferred to the hands of the Chinese special services, so that they can spy on people around the globe, tracking them as location. and getting access to all personal data. It goes without saying that there is nothing good in this and cannot be, and that is why the American authorities considered it necessary to impose sanctions.

Huawei made payment of money to all smartphone owners due to security

Because of these very sanctions, Huawei faced very big problems, because not only is it now unable to openly use foreign technologies and components, but also access to software, including Android, was deprived of it. In addition to all this, this electronics manufacturer has gotten into additional troubles that he can hardly be satisfied with. Many people, hundreds of millions of users around the globe, have lost confidence in this brand, being confident that the accusations of the US authorities are fully justified, even if the country’s special services did not bring any specific evidence, they were limited to verbal accusations.

Huawei made payment of money to all smartphone owners due to security

In addition to the fact that the management of Huawei came out with a public denial of such information, the company considered it necessary to prove to people around the globe that in fact this brand does not add all kinds of vulnerabilities to its smartphones. Every person who discovers some minor security breach in a corporation’s phone can count on a cash payment of 1,000 euros, for a mid-level malfunction, you can get 50,000 euros, for an important malfunction in high-level protection, 100,000 at all. euros, but for the discovery of a critical vulnerability, you can get as much as 200,000 euros. Obviously, this is a lot of money, and every person has a chance to get it.

Earlier it was revealed that the flagship Huawei P50 became the world’s first smartphone based on HarmonyOS.

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