Huawei paid out money to all smartphone owners. How to get paid

One of the largest and most well-known electronics manufacturers is Huawei, and it strives to ensure that as many people as possible use its branded smartphones, finding them the best and most attractive among all existing in the world. The brand used the latest technology and the most advanced engineering solutions to make its gadgets as interesting as possible for buyers, but something did not go as planned. The American authorities accused the company of deliberately adding various kinds of surveillance holes to its smartphones, and that is why it was decided to impose extremely powerful and incredibly harsh sanctions against the entire manufacturer.

Because of these very sanctions, Huawei now has no right to use American technologies and patents in any way, and besides, it has no access to any components, software and much more, which was generally developed in the United States. … All this was a big surprise for many people, because few expected and could imagine that something like this would ever happen. According to the American government, the Chinese corporation Huawei deliberately adds various kinds of holes to its phones, allowing the Chinese special services to actively monitor people around the globe, doing this on an ongoing basis, and of course secretly and unnoticed.

Huawei paid out money to all smartphone owners.  How to get paid

As a result, as a result, Huawei corporation saw the point in taking one very unexpected step. In addition to the fact that she publicly denied all such accusations, she also launched a special cash reward program, for participation in which you can receive money. So, for a minor security problem, which may even be some kind of bug in the operation of a particular smartphone model, they promise to pay 1,000 euros, for a mid-level malfunction, you can get 50,000 euros, while for a high-level breach, they are ready to pay as much 100,000 euros, which is a huge amount of money. However, if you are suddenly lucky enough to find a critical level malfunction in the brand’s phone, a colossal sum of money will be paid for it.

Huawei paid out money to all smartphone owners.  How to get paid

This is an amount of 200,000 euros, and everyone can get it. In order to receive money from Huawei, it is necessary to find any vulnerability in the current model of its branded smartphone. It must be in the latest version of any software. It is important to be the first to find it, and also to be the first to notify the Chinese corporation about it. Only if all these conditions are met in aggregate, you can count on an impressive monetary reward. To notify the company about any security hole in its branded smartphones, you just need to contact the support service of the Chinese corporation, doing it in any convenient and existing way.

Not so long ago, it was reported that the flagship Huawei P50 became the world’s first smartphone based on HarmonyOS.

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