Huawei releases Android killer for smartphones and other devices

For many years now, Huawei has been creating and launching on the market all kinds of electronic devices that everyone can easily and easily buy for themselves, after which, after which, start to fully use and receive from this process as many good emotions and pleasant impressions. The Chinese brand creates smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, wireless speakers and many other products, including electric vehicles and TVs, albeit with all this, most of its products are presented only in the home market, that is, in China. Not so long ago, the corporation came under sanctions that force it to abandon the use of Android, developing its own proprietary platform.

This operating system itself is credited with a whole host of different features with which it will please everyone. The latest development is called HarmonyOS, possessing many different features and advantages, all of which make it very attractive to the fullest more than. So, users can count on an increase in the speed of work, on an enhanced security system, on expanded functionality, on an increase in autonomy on all models of smartphones thanks to optimization for a specific “hardware”, on a new unique user interface and on a lot of other differences. At the same time, the new OS is not some kind of firmware based on Android, but a completely independent platform.

Huawei releases Android killer for smartphones and other devices

As in the case of Android and iOS, the latest platform is based on the Linux kernel, so the new operating system from Huawei will not bring cardinal differences with it, but against the background of the ones already on the market, it will still be very different, and this is for everyone , of course, one way or another must be taken into account. The corporation strives to make its branded products and services as attractive as possible, while at the same time using all possible means and methods available on the market. As it became known today, on March 29, 2021, the day after tomorrow, that is, on March 31, the final beta version of the new OS will be released, which owners of many different models of mobile devices will be able to install on their phones.

Huawei releases Android killer for smartphones and other devices

Then, already in April 2021, that is, in the next month, the release of the final stable version of HarmonyOS will take place, which will be released for many smartphones of the Chinese corporation Huawei, ranging from extremely cheap to very expensive, the purchase of which costs an extremely large sum of money. The first phone of the brand, on which the newest OS will be installed right out of the box, will be Huawei P50, which is credited with a whole lot of different features and advantages, which it will definitely please everyone with, because otherwise in this case it cannot be even close … By the end of this year, the brand plans to completely abandon Android, and forever.

Earlier it was reported that Huawei paid a lot of money to all smartphone owners in one action.

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