I learned how to run macOS Catalina and Big Sur on iPad Pro

The main and most basic drawback of all Apple tablets is the ipadOS (iOS) operating system, which is installed on such kind of electronic devices. The thing is that this platform contains quite a lot of very significant and extremely tangible shortcomings that do not reflect in the best way on the attractiveness of iPad tablets, because their owners still cannot fully work with files and any archives, not to mention already about performing any other more complex tasks. That is why users are looking for various ways out of this situation, and one of the developers managed to achieve this, as he managed to install the macOS Catalina operating system on the “apple” tablet.

A video appeared on the Internet where you can see how the macOS operating system runs on the iPad Pro tablet. The platform is fully functional, but since it is launched through a special x86 code emulator, the performance has decreased many times over. That is why the process of starting the OS from scratch takes about 20 minutes, but after some optimization, this procedure takes only 5-7 minutes, that is, it is already much less time. Users using this platform can work with files, visit websites, run programs for Mac and perform other actions, but with a long delay, since the emulator takes up an impressive part of the performance.

I learned how to run macOS Catalina and Big Sur on iPad Pro

According to the developer who managed to achieve all this, he is currently trying to run macOS Big Sur, and this has already been achieved, but for certain reasons, he cannot yet show the operation of this latest operating system on Apple tablets. In the near future, allegedly, a video will be posted on the Internet with detailed instructions on how to install a full-fledged OS on the iPad Pro of one of the latest generations. It remains to believe and hope that the developers will not abandon this project, because if it is possible to ensure the native speed of this operating system on Apple tablets, such devices will become much more functional, and therefore, as a result, much more attractive.

The operating system macOS Catalina is many times more interesting than iOS in terms of functionality, providing, in fact, almost limitless possibilities, since it can be used to perform any actions, and even if it is not possible to perform such actions using the graphical interface, there is always the opportunity to use the command the Terminal line by performing certain actions with its help. I would like to believe that one day there will come a day when Apple itself will offer its tablet users the opportunity to decide which operating system they want to use – functional macOS, or mobile iOS, which is more suitable for entertainment than for performing any work tasks.

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