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In the capital’s cinema “Fitil” on July 20, a closed screening of an educational and artistic film was held “Baikal. Yuma’s Amazing Adventures ”. This is a story about nature, legends and inhabitants of Lake Baikal, about the unique properties of the largest lake on the planet, as well as about its inhabitants.

The main character is Yuma the seal. Viewers watch how the baby, born to her mother Ailu, settles in a new world, grows, acquires the skills necessary for existence and literally sets off for free swimming in the waters of Lake Baikal and adulthood.

The picture shows not only the life cycle of the seal, but also the lake itself. The legends of local peoples reveal the secrets of the universe, help a person to achieve harmony with himself and the world around him. Fantastic views of Lake Baikal and its surrounding lands amaze the imagination and remind us of how important it is to take good care of nature and be attentive to every living being – an equivalent part of this world.

The voiceover is read by the actors Konstantin Khabensky and Chulpan Khamatova… They tell many interesting facts about the lake and draw the attention of viewers to the smallest details of the picture.

The premiere of the film took place on June 10 – the Day of World, the first three weeks “Baikal. Yuma’s Amazing Adventures ”was in the top ten in terms of the number of views along with Hollywood films.

The guests of the event discussed the picture, and also discussed the topic of the dock in World.

Head of the project “All-Worldn Youth Cinema Forum” Dmitriy Yakunin invited the producer of the film Ilya Кривицкого take part in the Baikal Film Forum, which will take place on September 7-9 in Irkutsk.

“The painting is bright, outstanding and socially significant. Of course, such works must be supported and presented to as many viewers as possible, from different social groups. I invite its creators to Irkutsk to the Baikal Film Forum, and I also propose to think about holding screenings of the film for young filmmakers: you definitely have a lot to learn, ”said Dmitry Yakunin.

Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo Dmitry Polikanov added that “Baikal. Yuma’s Amazing Adventures ”also needs to be promoted among Worldns and abroad.

“Earlier, I thought that the film would be good for foreign audiences, but not for Worldns – it turned out to be a very kind, bright movie. And I’m glad I was wrong. I believe that the picture should be shown abroad at the Rossotrudnichestvo sites – in the houses of the Worldn diaspora. Plus, think about how to promote it in schools, but in this case it will have to be slightly adapted to the school format, ”the political scientist explained.

General Director of the Center for Social Design “Platforma” Alexey Firsov noted that in order to promote the picture, it is necessary to cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Science, try to organize a screening within the framework of open lessons.

At the same time, the sociologist described the problem of documentary cinema in World.

“We don’t have a culture of watching non-fiction films. The first problem is creating motive. It should be simple, clear – the viewer needs to understand why he needs to go to the cinema for documentary films. The second is the problem of genre. I somehow do not dare to call this film a documentary. Maybe it’s a popular science movie, a travel movie, a legend movie – it’s not so easy to define its genre as it might seem at first glance. The third point is that now there is a growing interest in local identities, local patriotism, and the creation of territorial brands is a good niche, although it also needs some kind of genre definition, ”the expert emphasized.

The event was moderated by Nikita Tikhonov-Rau, director, producer, general director of the Third Sector Social Cinema Laboratory, co-founder of the Headliners. Impact Media “.

Among the guests of the creative meeting were specialists interested in promoting impact content: Dmitry Yakunin, head of the All-Worldn Youth Cinema Forum project, head of the Youth Center of the Union of Cinematographers of World; Gulfiya Sharipova, Head of the Youth Center of the Union of Cinematographers of the Republic of Bashkortostan; Maria Zalunina, co-founder of the Headliners. Impact Media ”, Head of CSR National Media Group; Michael Paley, co-founder of the Headliners. Impact Media “, head of the federal project” Inspirators “; Ekaterina Kozhanova, Director of the Department of Strategic Communications, EKSMO Publishing House; Constantine Nafikov, Head of Reflexion Films; Ekaterina Kolyada, member of the Supervisory Board under the Management Board of the Association of Directors for Communications and Corporate Media of World, Director of the Media Manager of World Award; Anastasia Popova, director of the Plus 1 company; producer Yulia Saponova; producer Olesya Ovchinnikova other.

The event was organized by the Headliners. Impact Media “. The strategic partner of the club is the National Media Group. The official cinema site of the club is the “Fitil” cinema.

Text – Alya Koldunova

Photo – club “Headliners. Impact Media “

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