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Probably, many true CS: GO fans are well aware of how often certain teams disband or announce their roster reorganization. This leads to the fact that any bookmaker significantly changes its bets on the results of the latest matches with the participation of such teams. This trend can be well seen on the example of a team like Akuma, because according to inside information received from Alexei OneDrive Biryukov, the team will soon be disbanded. Read more below for more information.

What is known about the dissolution of the team?

Now the team is going through the group stage in such a famous championship as StarLader CIS RMR 2021, but their games can hardly be called successful. The team demonstrates not the best level of preparation and looks very dull against the background of their rivals. For example, on June 29, the team lost their match with a bang against the stars of the esports scene, a team called NaVi. The score of the meeting was 2: 0 in favor of the last team, which does not add joy and confidence in the victory of Akuma fans. Immediately after this defeat, the team lost any mathematical chances of reaching the playoffs of the championship.

Immediately after that, one of the well-known insiders in the CIS in the world of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, announced on his Twitter account that after his next match Akuma would announce that the team was disbanding. He also fueled the audience’s interest in the fate of a player on the team by asking what new squads the players will be able to join after their current squad is disbanded.

Already, two players from the roster, namely Eugene j3kie Sergachev and Dmitry SENSEi Shvorak announced that they are looking for new teams. The last match of the championship will be played against Nemiga Gaming. In any case, even after the match is played and even if Akuma manages to win it, the team will not be able to break through the tournament bracket above 5-6 places. It remains only to follow further developments.

What is known about the Akuma team

Akuma is a team from Ukraine that didn’t last long and got a lot of controversy around their own players and methods of play. In particular, the team was widely accused of dishonest methods of the game. You can read about this in more detail in the section below. The team was not particularly successful and did not have time to feel it in really serious events. The total number of prize money won was about $ 5,000.

In total, the team played 21 matches in the professional arena. At the same time, 57% (12 matches) the team won, 43% (9 matches) – lost. The highest degree of the team’s achievements is the first place at the EPIC CIS League Spring 2021, which, according to many players and analysts, the team won unfairly. The fact how the team showed itself at the next championship with their participation, which was no longer offline, but by LAN, fully and completely confirms the veracity of this hypothesis. However, the guilt of cybersportsmen has not yet been proven.

Past suspicions about the team’s fair play

In the past, namely at the time of such a championship as the EPIC CIS League Spring 2021, the team faced massive doubts about the fairness of the game. In particular, the team received a lot of critical reviews from a variety of media personalities, analysts, journalists and members of other esports teams. The Esports Integrity Commission stated that when looking closely at the behavior of players in the framework of the matches of the above tournament, many of the team’s actions seem strange to them.

Note that the EPIC CIS League Spring 2021 tournament was held offline, which made it much more difficult to observe the behavior of the players, therefore, it is likely that the players really used any methods of unfair play. Another prominent member of the esports community who expressed his doubts about the fairness of the Akuma roster was Waldemar valde Wangse. In general, it should be noted that almost no one spoke in defense of this team. It is possible that it was precisely such attacks from the gaming community that became one of the reasons why it was decided to disband the team.

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