IPhone 12 owners faced a critical issue

As you know, for more than a month and a half, the latest Apple smartphones from various very different price categories have been sold around the globe. Buyers are offered several iPhone 12 models to choose from, all of which differ from each other in size, technical equipment and some other features. The more expensive a model is, the more options it can provide to users. All brand new iPhones work out of the box on the basis of the iOS 14 operating system, and immediately after the first launch, users are offered to update the OS to the newest and most relevant one among all available on the market. This is really worth doing, but even such a step will not save you from an unpleasant problem.

Today, December 3, 2020, journalists drew attention to the official Apple technical support forum, where every hour there are more and more complaints about a very unpleasant problem in the operation of the iPhone 12, and even models from the Pro line. The owners of these complain that even after installing the OS from scratch through the DFU recovery mode, the problem still persists, and it is not possible to fix it in any way. Users who are faced with a problem assure that their mobile devices in standby mode are quickly discharged. The percentages go away literally before our eyes, and this happens at any time of the day, including, of course, at night.

IPhone 12 owners faced a critical issue

Thousands of people complain about this problem, and every day the number of victims will only increase. Residents of World, the USA, Europe and many other regions of the world complain about the problem, that is, it affects many owners of the iPhone 12, and not only those who live in some specific parts of the country. It is reported that due to such a malfunction, a smartphone can lose from 20% to 40% of its charge overnight, but at the same time its activity will be at zero all this time. It goes without saying that at night the mobile device is not used, so it must be in sleep mode, but, unfortunately, nothing like this happens even close.

IPhone 12 owners faced a critical issue IPhone 12 owners faced a critical issue

Apple smartphones available as part of the iPhone 12 line contain such a critical drawback for many people, because it makes it impossible to leave the phone at night without connecting it to the charger, because if you do this, it can simply run out of power, due to than it will be impossible to use it in the morning. Most likely, the employees of the “apple” corporation, while working on the iOS 14 firmware, made some mistakes, due to which smartphones are discharged very quickly, without going into sleep mode. Probably, with the release of one of the next updates, this problem will be fully eliminated, but when exactly this will happen is still unknown. Some of the owners of “iPhones”, they claim, helped the reboot.

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