Left 4 Dead 2 survivors come to Zombie Army 4 | Easy Online Work

Coach vs Zombie Hitler? Yeah why not.

Left 4 Dead 2’s heroes – Trainer, Ellis, Rochelle, and Nick – travel back in time to World War II to join the squad of another four-player zombie shooter, Zombie Army 4. They are available in a free DLC called the Left 4 Dead Character Pack 2, following a similar free DLC that came out a couple of months ago and added the heroes of the original game, Left 4 Dead Character Pack 1.

Unfortunately, the heroes are not voiced in the expansion, so you won’t be able to hear Ellis tell her good old stories while you destroy the Nazi zombies. But still, this free add-on is pretty fun. Several paid DLCs were also released this month in Zombie Army 4, such as Return to Hell, which completes a story that developed in previous episodic DLCs. As the name suggests, it sends you to hell where you will face enemies, including creepy dummies.

There are also several new packs in the expansion that add Van Helsing’s weapon skins, a flare gun set, Horror Charm Pack 2, and Horror Headgear if you really want to put on a bag or doll mask while shooting zombies in hell. All of the above is also bundled into the Season Pass Three.

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