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Amazon’s MMO will now be out at the end of September, allowing developers to fix bugs and improve quality.

Less than a month before launch, the fantasy MMO game New World has been delayed again. Amazon today announced that based on feedback from its recent Closed Beta, it has decided to take some more time to tweak and postpone the launch until the end of September.

“We want the launch of New World to be smooth and fun for all players, which means some fixes need to be made to address the issues you encountered during the Closed Beta,” the New World team tweeted. “So we’re going to take a few extra weeks to fix a number of bugs, improve stability and finalize the game.” The new release date for New World on the world market is September 28, 2021.

“It was not an easy decision. We are fully aware that this is not the first time we have moved the release date in an effort to improve the quality of the game, and that having to wait a little longer can be frustrating. But we want to make sure that we provide you with the highest quality game at the start of sales. Thanks for your support and feedback. ”

New World was originally scheduled to launch in May 2020, however it has been postponed several times, most recently (and to date) in February, when the date was set for August 31st. The Covid-19 pandemic left its mark, but the reaction to the game also became a problem: in July 2020, Amazon postponed the release of New World to Spring 2021, suggesting that alpha testers were unhappy with insufficiently deep game content.

“We want to make sure that the most dedicated players have a rich mid and endgame experience as they travel around Eternum,” said studio director Rich Lawrence. “We want our players to be completely immersed in the game and know that our studio stands for quality, long-lasting gameplay that you can trust, which means that it will take additional time to get everything to the desired result before the game is released.”

Closed beta testing also did not make the desired impression. People are clearly interested in what the game has to offer – in testing, the number of players on Steam at one time surpassed 200,000, but our online editor Fraser Brown called it a “ridiculous MMO” with “standard quests and a banal story” (although he liked elements from survival games), while guide creator and MMO fan Sarah James said in a separate announcement that the new world seems “incredibly boring and frustrating” after just a few hours of playing.

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