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Back at faux E3 this year, we said that the best announcement of the event was Fallout: London, a mod for Fallout 4 that changes American shores to good old England. We have yet to see if its impressive trailer can live up to its claims of cockney mutants and the like, but apparently Bethesda is happy with the project enough to hire a writer.

Last Friday, the Fallout: London team announced that Chief Writer Stephanie Zachariadis has been recruited by Bethesda as an Assistant Quest Developer.

“This is amazing news, supported by the entire FOLON team, and we wish her all the best in her endeavors with all our hearts,” the statement said. “We hope she gives them the same exciting story and quests that she gave us. Stephanie has been a mainstay for the team and has helped create a great and engaging main story and dialogue that we believe you will enjoy. And we just know that she will bring her abilities to the work of Todd himself. [Говарда]”.

Fallout: London is described by the development team as a “DLC-sized adventure” set in 2237, and the team is doing everything possible to distance it from the American storyline of the base game. They went as far as claiming that Vault-Tec was not present in the UK, and that super mutants had never appeared, since the forced evolution virus does not occur there.

The Fallout: London team says Zachariadis has done “everything she needs to do.” According to the developers of the mod, they will hire a new main scriptwriter, but they will work on the assumption that they are finishing the remaining dialogues and not making changes to the quests. The team’s creative director and project manager will coordinate the work in the meantime.

Zachariadis’s greatest writing credits, according to her LinkedIn, is Fallout: London, but she also wrote for Fallout: Miami. She also has several screenwriting awards received at various film festivals. Zachariadis will no longer be contributing to Fallout: London because Bethesda strictly prohibits side jobs, especially on mod teams.

It may be some time before we see Zachariadis’s work fully incorporated into Bethesda’s game, whether it’s the Fallout universe, the Elder Scrolls or Starfield. Until then, you can try your hand at Fallout: London. Personally, I can’t wait for an already irradiated garbage collector to explain to me what the hell is “cream-crackered”.

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