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Taking into account the current reality, when competitions in many sports are either interrupted or held in a truncated format, the increased interest in e-sports is not surprising. Computer games have found their place in the listings of bookmakers. For a long time there have been bets on Dota at 1xbet. Within a short time, the number of bettors making bets on matches has increased. Let’s find out all the details about this type of bets.

What bets on Dota 1xbet accepts

We will not torment the reader, but immediately proceed to an overview of all types of bets on Dota 2, which are in the list of the 1xbet bookmaker.

In this list, we see a basic set of markets that are typical for many bookmakers. Among the main rates, we note the following:

  • Winning the match;
  • Who will win the card;
  • Total cards;
  • Handicap on cards.

In box office matches, the 1xBet bookmaker includes additional Dota 2 bets:

  • First kill;
  • Total Kills;
  • Total minutes.

Find out the details of each bet below. In the meantime, let’s say that Dota competitions are held all year round. There are regional tournaments, as well as the World Championship among the best teams on the planet. The 1xBet bookmaker accepts bets on most of these tournaments.

main markets in the bookmaker's list
 | Easy Online Work

What does Dota betting mean 1xbet

Let’s take a look at each market separately. We will find out how they differ from each other and how easy it is to bet on them.

Match Winner… The simplest and most popular type of bets not only on Dota 2, but also for other disciplines. The list contains bets on W1, W2 and a draw. Here the players guess the outcome of the battle. (You will always find many interesting promotions and offers on the 1xBet website).

Who will win the card… All matches in Dota 2 consist of two or three cards. If a team wins two maps, it automatically wins the entire duel. In the list of the 1xbet bookmaker there are bets on the winner of the card. These transactions are designated in the same way – P1 and P2. As you can see, there is no draw. Indeed, the cards provide only two outcomes – the victory of one of the participants.

Total maps… Since there can be 2 or 3 cards in a match, the bookmaker accepts bets on total over / under 2.5 cards. The calculation here is very simple: if the bettor thinks that there will be 3 cards in the match, he will bet on TB. If he thinks that it is 2, then he bets on TM. There are many interesting promotions and offers in the “Promotions” section of the 1Xbet bookmaker

First kill… In extended listings, the bookmaker includes this market. The bettors guess which team will make the first kill in the duel.

Total Kills… Another additional market when bettors guess the number of kills. And here we are talking about a bet on total over or under kills.

Total minutes… You can bet on more or less minutes, during which the fight will last.

How to bet on Dota at 1xbet

Very simple. In the pre-match or live list, the player selects the “Cybersport” section. Then he chooses Dota 2 in the list of disciplines. Selects one or more matches. For convenience, you can include fights in the “Favorites”. A list will appear in which the player selects the desired market. If he wants to add several bets on Dota 2 to the coupon, then from each match he selects the necessary positions by clicking on the odds.

In the coupon, the bettor chooses the type of bet – single, express or other, prescribes the bet amount and registers the deal by clicking on the green button. If everything is done correctly, the system will accept the bettor’s deal.

If you wish, you can place Dota 2 bets from your phone using a mobile version or an application. In any case, the odds will be the same.

main markets in the bookmaker's list
 | Easy Online Work

Dota betting 1xbet: useful tips

There are several important points that bettors should consider. In major tournaments, in the early stages, strong teams fight against newcomers and underdogs. Of course, victories usually go to more experienced and skilled teams. True, quotes for net winnings are not higher than 1.3. For this reason, players are betting on individual card winnings and handicaps.

A good option is betting on a win on cards 2: 0. Correct score betting can be found in major tournaments such as World and Continental Championships. In order to maximize your profit from betting on Dota 2, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Know about the current version of Dota 2… Quite often, updates are released when heroes change their characteristics. Because of this, the game plot can change. To understand all the subtleties is possible for those who play Dota themselves and understand the difference between the current and the previous version;
  • Accounting for statistics and results… It is important to take into account the previous achievements of the teams that the bettor has chosen to bet on. You can understand the strengths and weaknesses of a particular team if you watch the fight live on the 1xBet website.
  • Long-term rates… With a good knowledge of the teams, you can productively bet on their victories and prizes in tournaments. Some bettors bet on the team’s passage to the next stage. If there are 5 real contenders for the first place, there is a reason to bet on the victory in such a way as to get a total profit if one of the teams wins the title.
  • Well-coordinated team… It is easy to understand that stable results and victories are achieved by those teams that have played the same roster for a long time. Better to bet on such teams. They are more predictable and don’t misfire out of the blue.

The key to successful Dota 2 betting is a good knowledge of teams, motivation and recent results. It should be understood that here, as in sports, teams hone their skills in hours of training. The one who adapts to the new version faster gets an advantage over other rivals.

Live bets on Dota 1xbet

In the course of matches, it is also productive to bet on Dota 2 at the 1XBet bookmaker’s office. In terms of the number of offers, live painting is not only not inferior to the pre-match, but also often surpasses. The operator includes up to 60 markets for the most prestigious battles. Bets are added on winning the next map, more totals and handicaps.

Live betting at 1xbet is good because you can evaluate live who is capable of what at a particular moment. How well the teams complete the tasks, what techniques do they use to win the map and the whole match:

In such a variety of teams and tournaments, it is sometimes very difficult to understand even for a savvy bettor and gambling addict. But you can draw the right conclusions while watching a live broadcast. Based on what they have seen, the players have ideas for the correct bets in live on Dota in 1XBet.

What else to pay attention to in live? First of all, the style of the teams. Some teams strive to seize the initiative from the first seconds. Others, on the contrary, try to act carefully, without unnecessary exacerbations. Asian teams are more inclined towards this style. In matches with their participation, as a rule, there are few kills. So there is a reason in betting on total less for this indicator.

Fights of European and, in particular, Worldn teams are held more spectacularly and effectively. They often escalate the situation and achieve a large number of murders. In such cases, you can bet more kills on totals.

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