Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod brings console commands back to the game | Easy Online Work

“SetParagon 3000”.

While there are many mods already created for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, including improved FOV, it is still difficult to work with due to the lack of the ME3Explorer toolset that the original game has. Over time, of course, it will appear, and with it .pcc files will noticeably change. A big step towards improving the Legendary Edition was a mod from Mgamerz, which allows you to include a developer console in the game.

Previously, modders resorted to renaming .dll files to bring back the console, which could cause DRM issues in the game. The new mod, for the first time, works with .pcc files for all three parts of the game directly. For the mod to work, unpack the archive and place the Engine.pcc file in the appropriate BioGame / CookedPCConsole folder (but do not forget to back up the files first). The console is opened with the “~” and “Tab” keys. If you previously used Tab to hide the Photo Mode user interface, please note that this can also be done with the left Shift key.

Lists of console commands for each game can be found on the Mass Effect Wiki. Unfortunately, some of the commands may not work, mainly those that add items to the game. The rest of the commands remain unchanged. You can use the Ghost and Walk commands to enable or disable the ability to walk through walls, as well as SetParagon x and SetRenegade x, where x is the desired number of Hero or Renegade points.

Other Legendary Edition mods allow for more same-sex romances (albeit only with Shepard so far), additional costumes for ME2 and ME3, and the ability to get endless sprints and boosters for Mako. However, it will be interesting to see how the mods will improve, getting closer and closer to the level of the original games.