Microsoft pays great attention to the gaming division

In a recent meeting with shareholders, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that gaming is a very important part of the corporation’s business. He also gave comments regarding the victory in the “war of consoles” with Sony.

“We’ve always wanted the gaming community to have the most powerful consoles on a par with a gaming PC. The next generation devices, in our opinion, are excellent at this parameter. We want three billion players around the world to be able to play games anywhere, with anyone, anytime they want. We are building our strategy around this. “

The Microsoft CEO also recalled that the company recently increased its capacity with the acquisition of ZeniMax and Bethesda, and is regularly expanding its Game Pass subscription catalog.

“We are definitely very, very focused on gaming, and we guarantee that each of the three billion players in the world will receive the best content, the best community and the best cloud services so that no one has any questions about which device to choose to play,” concluded is he.

Nadella’s statement, of course, concerns the relatively recent premiere of the Xbox Series X / S, Microsoft’s next-generation platforms. The information released by the company also confirms that the new consoles have become the most successful in the history of the concern.

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