Microsoft releases Lite OS for free to replace Windows 10

As everyone probably knows, at the present time the most popular, widespread and well-known Microsoft operating system is Windows 10, and it has very wide functional capabilities, however, even though all of these are available, it cannot boast of a high level of reliability or ease of use. since when using it, various problems and difficulties arise, which can only arise at all. With all this, this operating system is paid, that is, in order to use it, you need to pay $ 200 for it, and this is far from the best reflected in its attractiveness for all users.

A licensed copy of the tenth “Windows” really costs a lot, but even so, it is installed on more than 1.4 billion electronic devices, including personal computers, laptops, tablets, monoblocks and many other gadgets of this kind. To the delight of all those who are already tired of Windows 10 for some reason, it will soon go to a well-deserved retirement, as it happened with Windows XP and Windows 7. According to insiders, Microsoft has begun the final stage of testing the Lite operating system OS, which is the best and most advanced among all existing on the market, and it has, with all this, very broad functionality.

Microsoft releases Lite OS for free to replace Windows 10

The new operating system includes enhanced security, increased battery life for battery-powered devices, enhanced functionality, a new user interface, and, at the same time, a number of other very important and extremely useful improvements, all of which have a positive effect on its attractiveness to users. This operating system will be distributed completely free of charge, that is, ordinary users will have to pay absolutely nothing for it, and this will make it as accessible as possible for everyone. Due to this, any user can easily start using it, without giving away a single penny from his own pocket for actions of this kind.

Microsoft releases Lite OS for free to replace Windows 10

Microsoft understands and realizes that this operating system is the most functional, and one of its main features is the function of quick creation of backups and no less quick recovery from such. All these features have a very positive effect on its attractiveness for all users, that is, everyone can download and install it on their electronic device. It is expected that the release of Lite OS will happen already in this 2021, that is, it will not be long to wait for this very moment. You just need to wait a bit when this game console goes on sale, becoming available for purchase to everyone.

Earlier it was reported that the American corporation Microsoft increased the price of the Xbox Live Gold subscription by 50%.

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