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We have been waiting for this for over six years.

The wait for the PvP MMO game Crowfall has been dragging on for a long time. The first time we were shown it back in early 2015, when the game project was a huge success at Kickstarter in the form of $ 1.8 million; Recently, we mostly heard about the game in January 2020, when the company announced that it was ready to support the release of its brainchild with an amount of approximately $ 12 million.

A little later, in August 2020, the game was not released, but a closed beta became available. Now a full release is almost around the corner: developer ArtCraft Entertainment today announced that Crowfall is set for July 6th.

ArtCraft Founder and Creative Director Jeffrey Todd Coleman stated: “Crowfall is now ready for its next evolutionary ‘release’ stage, but let me explain. I will not state today that we are ‘done’ with Crowfall, or that it is ‘ready’.

A game like this will never be over. The online world is never complete. Even the word ‘release’ would be a misconception, as ‘releasing a game’ is not the end of the journey – it is the beginning. ”

“Coming out of the game is more like having a baby. It’s scary. This is confusing. It is painful. Of course, this is also a wonderful process, because you breathe life into something new, something that previously existed only in your imagination, something that you hope will still outlive you. I know it sounds dramatic and hackneyed, but Ultima Online (which was executive produced by Gordon [ArtCraft представляют нам Гордона Уолтона]) was born in September 1997. Shadowbane (my first MMO as creative director) came out in March 2003. Both games are still in production. Both entertain thousands upon thousands of people. And both continued to evolve long after we left. ”

Unlike most MMO games, in which PvP is either imprisoned in an unnatural suspended animation, or goes into an endless series of beatings of one side against the other, Crowfall consists of “campaigns”, each of which takes place on a unique map with clear rules and set time. … You play as an immortal servant of the gods – the Crow – who was sent down to these worlds in order to defeat other champions for glory, experience and any rare artifacts that you can pick up before this world is destroyed.

“When the Campaign ends, you take your character, your equipment and war trophies from the Campaign you played in order to continue in the next one. This gives the game a sense of consistency while allowing late arrivals to remain competitive, ”says the Crowfall FAQ. “In addition, we have ‘homeworlds’ (Eternal Kingdoms), which are controlled by the players themselves and are not limited in time. They resemble traditional MMO servers. It’s the idea that players can participate in a series of Campaigns at the cost of a character’s life, and use those kingdoms as a rest in between. ”

At the moment, the Crowfall closed beta continues to work and is still accepting testers. If you want to know more information before joining, you can register here (

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