Moonglow Bay’s Cute Voxel Fishing RPG Coming Soon | Easy Online Work

Explore the East Canadian Coast of the 1980s this October.

Right in time for my birthday on October 7, 2021, the fishing RPG Moonglow Bay is coming out.

If you haven’t had time to get to know Moonglow Bay, then a few months ago it won the hearts of fans of “good” games when it was announced during the presentation. You are an aspiring angler on the east coast of Canada. Your partner has passed away, and his last wish was to save the family business after a severe bankruptcy.

This is exactly the kind of cozy life simulator that is so necessary these days. It allows you to catch tons of fish, cook new recipes, upgrade your boat and business, explore the city of Moonglow Bay and make friends among its inhabitants. Despite the tragic beginning of your story, you don’t have to play alone: ​​a friend can join you in local co-op.

You can check out Moonglow Bay’s mesmerizing voxel art style in the trailer above. It’s always fun to watch various animals, people and objects are embodied in the unique style of Minecraft. Creative director Zac Soares even teaches voxel art on his page at Domestika if you want to try it yourself. As a mid-level voxel artist himself, I really enjoyed his tutorial in which he focuses on character design.

You can purchase Moonglow Bay on Steam now.

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