Multiplayer Competitive Mode Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator | Easy Online Work

This fall, you will be able to race in a flight simulator.

During today’s presentation, Microsoft announced a new mode for Flight Simulator: multiplayer racing. Together with the renowned Reno Air Racing Association, the game presents the STIHL National Air Racing Championship, which has been dubbed the fastest motorsport in the world. And this is true, because airplanes reach speeds of over 500 miles per hour – cars simply cannot do that.

After the release of the expanded version, players will be able to compete with their friends and other pilots around the world. Before that, all extensions for Microsoft Flight were free, but this time Microsoft Flight is silent about it, so it may be paid.

But before that, we are waiting for World Update 6, which will be released on September 7, with a slight delay (in fact, it should have been released today). Animation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be enhanced with high-resolution maps and 3D images of cities including Frankfurt and Wuppertal in Germany, Basel in Switzerland, Graz and Vienna in Austria. New airports will appear, including Lubeck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt and St. Gallen, and 100 more famous locations will also be added to the game, including several colorful castles.

Additionally, World Update 6 will feature new aerial reconnaissance and landing missions, as well as wild sorties that open up the region’s view. The update will be free for all players.

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