New mod for Final Fantasy 7 completely replaces the sound in the game | Easy Online Work

Great news for all Final Fantasy 7 fans – developer Bonez has released a Cosmo Theory mod that completely fixes the audio for the PC version of Final Fantasy VII.

More specifically, the modification replaces / updates all 724 original sound effects for battles, magic, enemy skills, ultimate hits and summons. In addition, she adds new sounds for each battle scene, as well as for footsteps on all surfaces.

Among other things, the mod updates all the sound effects in FMV (full-length video clips of the game). Also, the game will have voice attacks for all team members and the ability to choose one of 8 sets of sounds for the menu in versions FFVII Remake, Dissidia NT, FFXV, FFXIII-A, FFXIII-B, FFXII, FFX, FFVII (original version).

You can see what the game looks like with improved sound in the video below.

You can download the mod here. Please note that for it to work, you will need to additionally download 7th Heaven and FFNx Also don’t forget to set the VGMStream value for the SFX parameter in the 7th Heaven settings. This work is compatible with some of the other mods for FF7.

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