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Moviestart once again publishes a selection of the most interesting news from the world of cinema over the past few days.


Netflix has released the first trailer for the new film by Paolo Sorrentino. The world premiere of the film entitled “The Hand of God” will take place at the 78th Venice Film Festival on September 2.

The trailer introduces the main character of the film, a clumsy Italian teenager named Fabietto Schize, who lives in Naples in the 1980s. The hero’s life changes dramatically when Diego Maradona, a football star and an idol for millions of boys around the world, comes to his city.

The director of “Great Beauty”, “Young Pope” and “Youth” several years ago admitted that this story is very personal for him, because Maradona, one might say, saved his life. Paolo Sorrentino lost his parents at the age of 16: a gas leak occurred in a house in the mountains that belonged to their family. The future director always traveled with his parents to the mountains, but on that ill-fated day the boy went to Empoli to get to the Napoli match and see his idol Maradona. This saved the life of one of the most famous Italian filmmakers.

The role of Fabietto Schize went to the debutant Filippo Scotti, and the roles of his parents were embodied by Tony Servillo (“Great Beauty”) and Teresa Saponangelo (“Eel”). The script was written by Sorrentino himself, and the music for the film was composed by the composer Lele Markitelli (Great Beauty, Young Pope). The film is expected to be released on Netflix on December 15th, and “Hand of God” is also slated to be released worldwide on December 3rd this year.


The Worldn film company Hype Film will take part in the creation of a new film by Pietro Marcello. The latest work of the Italian director based on the novel by Jack London “Martin Eden” was awarded for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival in 2019 and was recently released in World.

According to Varity, Marcello has now begun filming the French drama Scarlet based on the novel Scarlet Sails by Alexander Green. And he will be assisted in the film by Charles Gilibert’s CG Cinema (Annette, Laurence Still), Avventurosa, Rai Cinema, and with them Ilya Stewart and his studio Hype Film (Summer, The Apprentice , “Lessons of Farsi”). It is known that Orange Studio has already acquired the rights to internationally sell the film.

The action of the picture will unfold in Northern Normandy in the period between the two world wars, during the time of great human inventions and terrible tragedies. In the center of the story will be a young girl, the daughter of a widowed soldier, who seeks to find herself and her life path. The main character will be played by aspiring actress Juliette Juan, Louis Garrel (The Dreamers), Raphael Thierry, Ernst Umoer (In the House), Yolanda Moreau (Amelie) and others are also involved in the film.

“Pietro Marcello is one of the most promising and sought-after directors of world cinema, his previous film, Martin Eden, became a real event. In his new work, this time Marcello is inspired and freely interprets our classics, “Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Grin, retaining the classic elements of the fairy tale, devotion to romantic realism, and remaining absolutely faithful to his unique style “, – said Ilya Stewart.

Scarlet is filmed in France and is expected to be released in 2022.

news from the world of cinema ⋆ MovieStart
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Streaming platform Netflix has announced a massive virtual fan event. The first event of its kind was given the laconic name Tudum – in honor of the sound that every viewer of the platform hears when they press the play button.

Already on September 25, the most famous Netflix actors, writers and directors from all over the world will come together to thank their fans. The event will feature more than 70 TV series and shows, viewers will see previews, exclusive footage, trailers of the latest seasons of everyone’s favorite TV series, as well as information about brand new projects. In addition, on Tudum you will find interactive panels and you can listen to conversations with the stars of popular projects, including the actors and creators of Stranger Things, The Witcher, The Crown, The Bridgertons, The Paper House, The Army of Thieves »And other shows.

The live broadcast will begin on September 25 at 19:00 Moscow time. It will be possible to watch the broadcast and participate in the interactive part of the event on all YouTube channels of Netflix, as well as on the social network Twitter and on the video service Twitch.

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Jake Gyllenhaal will star in the film adaptation of the apocalyptic graphic novel A Song of Oblivion. The science fiction comic series by The Walking Dead author Robert Kirkman and artist Lorenzo de Felici was released in March 2018 by Image Comics.

The “Song of Oblivion” takes place a decade after a cataclysm called “Oblivion” took place in Philadelphia, which claimed 300 thousand lives. For many years, the government of the country tried to understand the reasons for the sudden disappearance of people, but their search did not bring any results. And only a man named Nathan Cole does not lose hope of rescuing the missing and every day makes forays into a deadly zone.

Gyllenhaal’s production company Nine Stories will co-produce the film with Riva Marker (The Devil Is Always Here), David Alpert (The Walking Dead), Brian and Sean Furst (Robert Kirkman’s Secret Comics Story).

“Kirkman has created the potential in Song of Oblivion for an extremely interesting franchise that is a great opportunity to explore the important issues we face around the world.” Said Riva Marker.

During his 30-year film career, Jake Gyllenhaal has taken part in many famous films, including Zodiac, Broken Mountain, Spider-Man: Far From Home and others, the actor was also nominated for an Oscar.

news from the world of cinema ⋆ MovieStart
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Netflix has released a trailer for The Power of the Dog, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, ahead of its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. The film was directed by Jane Campion, winner of the Oscar for the script for the film The Piano, author of The Bright Star and The Angel at My Table.

The events of the picture, based on the novel of the same name by the American writer Thomas Savage, take place in 1925. In the center of the plot are two brothers – Phil and George Burbanke, they own a huge ranch in Montana and are complete opposites of each other. George is good-natured and even naive, while Phil is cold-blooded, calculating and cruel. And when George, without telling his brother, marries a widow named Rose and brings her into the house, he comes up with an insidious plan that could destroy not only their marriage, but also their lives.

Cumberbatch, who has three major projects this year, plays Phil, while Jesse Plemons (Fargo, Breaking Bad, The Irishman) plays his younger brother George. The film also stars Thomasin McKenzie (“Jojo Rabbit”), Kirsten Dunst (“Melancholy”, “Little Women”), Francis Conroy (“Smell of a Woman”, “Joker”) and other famous actors.

The film was composed by Radiohead’s Oscar-nominated Johnny Greenwood, who worked on the soundtrack for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread and Oil.
Power of the Dog will be released on November 17 and will be available on Netflix on December 1.

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