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Moviestart once again publishes a selection of the most interesting news from the world of cinema over the past few days.

Film critic Anton Dolin will shoot his first documentary. The debut picture of the editor-in-chief of “Iskusstvo Kino” tells about the director Alexei German Sr. and his work on the last film, “It is difficult to be God.” It took the director at least thirteen years to film the novel of the same name by the Strugatsky brothers.

“Twenty days without war”, “Checking on the roads”, “My friend Ivan Lapshin”, “Khrustalev, a car!” – all films of German Sr. have become significant for Worldn cinema, but his work is still a poorly studied phenomenon. Several years ago, Dolin published the book “Herman”, which included his long conversations with the director about life, fate and work. Now the film critic intends to shoot a “big essay” about the artist.

“It will be a kind of essay, a film-critical study of a unique artist and his method, and not at all a colorful portrait, which we are used to seeing in documentary films about films. I hope we will manage to make it not stereotyped and boring ”, – noted Dolin.

The film is produced by Alexey Bokov, who is mainly known as a producer of film festivals, exhibitions and media projects. It is assumed that the work on the film about Alexey German will be finished this winter. The painting became one of eight non-fiction projects, for the creation of which the Ministry of Culture allocated funds as part of the September pitching.


John Malkovich will play the famous German conductor Sergi Celibidake in the biographical drama The yellow tie. The project will be headed by the conductor’s son Serge Ioan Celibidache, who will not only take the director’s chair, but also write the script for the film. His previous film Octave in 2017 became the most successful film in the Romanian box office.

Celibidake Jr. intends to explore the life of his famous father, who was considered one of the most controversial conductors of the 20th century. Someone called him a genius, and someone called him crazy.

Sergiu Celibidache was born in a small town in Romania and at an early age realized that he wanted to devote his life to classical music. The parents did not appreciate the young man’s zeal and kicked him out of the house. Despite all the obstacles and wanderings, Celibidake won the competition for the title of the youngest conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and gained well-deserved fame.

John Malkovich (“New Dad”, “Substitution”) will play the role of a musician only in adulthood, who will play him in his youth is still unknown.

“It is a great honor to embody the image of Sergi Celibidache. A unique and unrepeatable talent, he is considered one of the greatest visionaries of classical music of the last century. Playing it in adulthood will be a challenging and exciting journey. “– Malkovich admitted.

Filming for The Yellow Tie will begin in spring 2022 in Romania.


The long-awaited screen version of Victor Pelevin’s novel Empire V is set to hit the screen at the end of this fall. The other day an official trailer for the film appeared on the network, in which viewers can see how real vampires wield the streets of Moscow, and a secret society sits in one of the apartments at night. The main roles in the film were played by Pavel Tabakov (Call Center) and rapper Oxxxymiron (real name Miron Fedorov). Vladimir Dolinsky, Vera Alentova, Viktor Verzhbitsky, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Maxim Drozd and other artists also took part in the film. The director and producer of “Empire V” is Viktor Ginzburg, who ten years ago shot another adaptation of Pelevin’s novel “Generation P”. Boris Grebenshchikov’s compositions were chosen as soundtracks for the film.

Victor Pelevin’s novel Empire V. The Story of a Real Superman is the writer’s eighth novel, released in 2006. The action takes place in our time, and the main character at the time of the events is about 20 years old. Roman Shtorkin is a young Muscovite who accidentally turns into a vampire. After being converted, he learns that there is a secret society of vampires that controls all of humanity. And he has to decide which essence prevails in him – vampire or human.

It took almost 6 years to produce the picture: work on the adaptation began back in 2015, at the same time the official teaser of the film was published, in 2017 the filming process began, but in 2018 the project was suspended due to a lack of funds. The creators decided to collect the missing amount through crowdfunding and the sale of the Bablos cryptocurrency, according to the book, this is the name of the sacred drink that vampires drink. In this way, they managed to raise more than 3.5 million euros.

After a difficult production path, Empire V finally hits theaters on November 25th.


A documentary about the infamous American singer Britney Spears will soon appear on the Netflix catalog. The streaming platform released a trailer for Britney vs. Spears a few days before the movie’s official release.

The whole world followed the trial between the singer’s father and Britney for a long time. A lot of conspiracy theories appeared on the Internet, fans analyzed Britney’s publications on Instagram, in the end, a whole #FreeBritney movement was formed, which was supported by a large number of people. All this happened against the backdrop of the controversial custody of Britney’s father over his daughter: since 2008, after a nervous breakdown, the singer actually did not control her life. In 2021, unexpectedly for everyone, the father refused custody of his daughter.

The streaming platform Netflix, known for its investigative documentaries about Hollywood stars and beyond, also decided to find out the details of what is happening. Britney vs. Spears is directed by Erin Lee Carr, who has worked on the HBO documentaries I Love You, Die Now and Dead Mommy. A similar film, titled “Frame Britney Spears,” has already been released by The New York Times.

The trailer says that the singer’s fans will learn new facts about Britney’s life, and most importantly, they will see physical evidence that the pop scene icon lived in infringement. All of this can be seen on September 28 on Netflix streaming.


A trailer has been released for a documentary about Sergei Bodrov, Jr., which has embodied on the screen the legendary hero of the film “Brother” and “Brother 2” Alexei Balabanov. The creators of the tape entitled “We will not be others” have published a trailer on the anniversary of the tragic death of their favorite actor, screenwriter and director. Nineteen years have passed since the collapse of the Kolka glacier in the Karmandon Gorge. It was there that Bodrov directed the filming of his last, never released film “The Messenger”. As a result of that disaster, 120 people died, including the film crew and the director.

“There will be no others of us” is dedicated to the memory of the actor. The tape will show interviews with friends and colleagues of Bodrov Jr. and archival materials previously not shown. In the trailer, you can hear the words of Sergei Selyanov, Nadezhda Vasilyeva, Sergei Astakhov, old recordings of Alexei Balabanov and Sergei Bodrov himself.

The author of the documentary was journalist Pyotr Shepotinnik (“Khutsiev. The Engine Is Coming”, “Vysotsky’s Other Wife”), and the music was written by an old colleague of Sergei Bodrov and Alexei Balabanov Vyacheslav Butusov.

The premiere of the film has already taken place at Kinotavr as part of the opening ceremony, and the film will be shown in cinemas only from October 7th. The television premiere is scheduled for the TV-3 channel.

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