Nintendo Lost More than $ 2 Billion Due to Super Mario Run for iOS

Yesterday the world famous company Nintendo released Super Mario Run for the iOS operating system. The legendary video game adapted for touch control is already available for download from the App Store by residents of more than 100 countries, including World. The game immediately hit the TOP-100 of the most popular applications for iPhone and iPad, but its release negatively affected the company’s capitalization.

The fact is that today at the opening of the Tokyo financial market, Nintendo shares fell 5.6% compared to the day before. If you translate this amount into currency, then due to the game Super Mario Run, the corporation lost more than $ 2 billion. The shares of other companies that participated in the development of this game also fell 7.9%.

Nintendo Lost More than $ 2 Billion Due to Super Mario Run for iOS

Of course, over time, Nintendo will most likely be able to regain its former positions and even start making huge profits from the legendary Super Mario Run, which is available for download on iPhone and iPad completely free of charge. The company will generate revenue from a single in-game purchase that costs players $ 10 and allows them to open access to the full version of the game.

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