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Orwell’s Animal Farm is a game based on George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” story of the same name. The project is a mixture of economic strategy and novel, and is a kind of adaptation of the famous novel, prepared for the 75th anniversary of the book by the British author. The independent team Nerial is responsible for the creation of the game. Today the game is released on PC and mobile devices with Android and iOS systems.

The plot, as in the literary original, tells the story of a community of animals that expelled their owners and began to run the farm themselves. They divided the responsibilities and drew up a set of rules through which equality and democracy were to prevail on the farm. All animals were equal, but it turned out that some are still “more equal”.

It’s worth noting that the game’s narrative is not an accurate retelling of the original. The developers decided to make some changes, the purpose of which was to adapt the project to the game mechanics and preferences of modern readers.

The gameplay consists of managing a farm, planning resource costs and protecting the yard from people from other settlements. It is also necessary to take care of the well-being of local residents, although it will not work out to please everyone. You will have to make a choice, whose needs to satisfy and who to refuse. The decisions we make will affect the “community atmosphere” and the ending of the game.

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