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Outcast 2: A New Beginning was announced today.

In 1999, THQ Nordic bought the rights to Outcast, the iconic open-world action adventure game. Of course, after that, the question hung in the air – will a full-fledged continuation of the game finally be released? Today we received a response in the form of the official announcement of Outcast 2: A New Beginning.

So, after the events of the first part of the game, 20 years have passed. In Outcast 2, we again meet our old friend – Cutter Slade, with whom we embark on an alien adventure on Adelph. This beautiful but wild planet is in danger due to the ruthless corporations that siphon its resources and enslave the people. Cutter is forced to lead the resistance to repel the invaders.

Outcast 2 (like the first part) will be released in the genre of a third-person action adventure. The world in the game is open, and the plot is non-linear. In other words, the plot will dynamically develop depending on the actions of the players. Old fans should be pleased with the fact that the same Belgian studio Appeal Studios is working on the new part of the game, which released the original Outcast 1 and the remake of Outcast: Second Contact in 2017.

And here you can get acquainted with the world of Adelfa and look at the scum who want to capture it. At the end there will be a short excerpt with gameplay.

Outcast received a flurry of applause from critics and sold well, of course, the developers wanted to multiply their success, but all attempts were in vain. Work on the sequel began immediately after the release of the first part of the game, but the project was canceled due to financial problems, and the Kickstarter for Outcast Reboot HD in 2014 also did not burn out. However, with the help of the publishing house Nacon, a reboot of the game called Outcast: Second Contact was released, which is written off as a wonderful remake of the legendary action movie and many positive reviews confirm this.

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