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Blizzard is bragging about new lighting technologies that will change the weather and time of day in gaming arenas.

Tired of seeing Numbani at noon and Necropolis only in the middle of the night? Based on the developers showing us the new lighting technology this week, Blizzard has decided to tackle their maps in Overwatch 2.

On his techno blog on the official Overwatch website, programmer Marco Alamia is working with developers Bruce Wilkie and Fabien Christine on a new feature that the team is calling Environment States. Simply put, they allow you to combine all the properties of the environment on the map (fog, lighting, shadows, weather effects) into one whole, so that they can be switched between levels in hot mode.

At this point, the lighting and environmental effects are combined in a phased manner and thought carefully enough to look just right for Overwatch’s specific graphics. But with “environmental states” this atmosphere can move to a completely different level.

Overwatch 2 maps will not be tied to one time of day
 | Easy Online Work

“Let’s take the dynamic deathmatch map of Necropolis,” explains Christine. “You’ve probably played the night version of it, which combines the contrast of the cold blues of the night with the bright orange lighting of the torches around the buildings.”

“But let’s say we wanted to go a little differently and decided to try taking hot sandy colors from Temple of Anubis. With the new Environment State system, all we have to do is borrow the Environment from the Temple of Anubis and add it to Necropolis. “

The rest of the blog goes deeply into the technical side of this work. This is mostly a tool for developers, but some of the tricks are not as dramatic as they might seem (changing the camera exposure on certain parts of the map, for example). But it looks like a whole world of gameplay has opened up beyond just watching King’s Row in the daytime.

Overwatch 2 maps will not be tied to one time of day
 | Easy Online Work

“Imagine being sent on a mission to Necropolis to rebuild Overwatch’s satellite communications, and while defending against Sector Zero, a sandstorm begins approaching you, kicking everything up in the air! We can make your mission more difficult by adding a sandstorm on top of sunny weather, which will slowly send out puffy clouds and add a more dense sand effect. ”

Recently, when Blizzard announced several significant changes to the game format, we expanded our view of PvP in Overwatch 2. The only hope is that 5v5 matches or better Tanks will lead to more dynamic battles. What could be more dynamic than a storm that suddenly appeared on the map?