Parimatch bookmaker review: official website, registration, payments

The development of infrastructure has led to the fact that there are quite a few bookmakers operating on the Internet. In fact, it is very convenient, because the client can cooperate with any company from anywhere in the world. Participants make profitable sports bets. One of these offices is PariMatch parimatch by. It operates in many countries such as World, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Belarus and others.

For a while, she could not get to World for a long time. But now the number of players in it exceeds one million. So for those new to this business, it will be interesting to know about such a popular legal bookmaker as Parimatch, what are its features, is it worth spending time on it.

A bit of history and some facts

The legal name of this company is called Betring LLC. For a long time, she worked illegally, since the activities of the BC were not allowed in World. Since 2009, Betring has been licensed to operate and operates fully legally, although this step was difficult as the competition only grew.

In 2017, the office had to work only online. And before that there were about 100 reception points in 40 cities of World. Online betting became very popular and then they created their website. The number of clients has increased significantly, because now every person in World can engage in sports betting by registering on the site.

Facts about Parimatch. Since nowadays there are a lot of bookmaker companies, and most of them are popular, there are illegal bookmaker offices. What do I mean by this? PariMatch has a license, but there is also a “clone” of it, which does not have a license to operate.

You can really win in PariMatch if you play by the rules. This office does not take your winnings, unlike many others. For this he is greatly appreciated and his popularity is growing incredibly.

And there is also excellent Technical Support, which answers questions quickly and clearly. But let’s hope that after reading the article, there will be no questions left.

The presence of many positive reviews. Basically, everyone admires the cool bonuses from the bookmaker.

A big plus – Parimatch works only online, so you can place bets at any time of the day.

Site review. It is immediately evident that it was created with great care. What does it have:

  • login or registration
  • mobile app
  • deposit and withdrawal of money
  • kinds of sports
  • section “promotions and bonuses”
  • statistics
  • Live

What is the system and what is included in it? Everyone has known for a long time that in such offices the player makes a profit – which attracts all clients. PariMatch offers betting on over 20 sports.

Express and ordinary

And so, in this system, there are two types of betting paths, which will be discussed below. Most often, beginners make bets in express and single bets.

The express rate is like a combined rate. That is, you can bet on several markets at once in one coupon. But for the player to get some profit from the express, all elections must be won. It is worth knowing that you cannot make a multiplier from the same bets on the same match several times. Here, the winning amount is determined by multiplying all the odds.

The single, logically, is already a single bet. It contains only one outcome. It is this rate that all beginners use, because it is much simpler and easier to make money on, because it has a simple calculation.

Of course, express is more profitable, but an ordinary one guarantees safety. So, if you decide to play, then it is better to start simple and not go into the complexity of the express train.

What is Live Mode? With its help, you can make a bet at a given time. In this mode, it is worthwhile to think over everything clearly, because the bet cannot be changed during the game. And thus, if something went wrong, as the player intended, then he will no longer be able to change anything. But still, it is possible to win there, because some conditions have been created for this:

  1. Large selection of events
  2. Rare block of lines
  3. Bets are placed without losing extra time
  4. Changing odds without delay

A big plus is that there are a lot of options for events. You can find both popular and non-popular matches.

Special attention is paid to blocking lines. Absolutely all bookmakers have some kind of malfunction, which annoys all players. But in Live mode, this happens quite rarely.

Calculator. Yes, indeed, there is a calculator there that simplifies counting and schedules everything. With its help, you don’t need to think about how rates are calculated. In it, you can calculate the approximate winnings.

How to do it? In fact, there is nothing difficult about this:

  • come up with the size of the bet, and then indicate it in two special fields
  • indicate the bet amount
  • press the “count” button and the calculator will calculate everything by itself.

And also there is another convenient function, like “the event has not passed yet.” Thanks to this, you can find out what the amount will be in the end.

Services from PariMatch. There are 3 interesting features:

  1. CashOut. Thanks to this function, the player can make a request for the calculation of his bet. In the case of bookmakers, the funds are credited to the player’s account.
  2. Ordering Odds – using this service, a player can make a bet with a bookmaker at a higher odds than the original one.
  3. VIP rates. Well, this function is carried out only for prematch bets. The minimum amount of such a rate is six thousand eight hundred rubles, and the maximum payment is thirty-four million rubles.

How does PariMatch work?

The player independently determines the express, but it also depends on the number of outcomes. You can add up to 20 selections to PariMatch than in other bookmaker companies. It will be clearer to give an example of calculating the winnings in PariMatch below.

Examples. And so, for example, the player decided that he would play on three outcomes. And he indicated the type of bet, for example, 2 out of 3. And the amount will be 300 rubles. The client decided to choose the following:

  • Bayern – Zenit. Odds 2.35 with one win
  • Dynamo – Cologne, 2.65 odds and one win
  • Barcelona – Liverpool, 1.90 odds and also one win.

That is, it turns out that the bet on each win is 100 rubles. This type of bet, as mentioned above, is called an express bet.

The game starts, the client has placed his bets. Here’s how his winnings are calculated:

  1. (2.35 x 2.65) x 100 = 622
  2. (2.65 x 1.90) x 100 = 503
  3. (2.35 x 1.90) x 100 = 446

The total payment is 1571 rubles.

Let’s say the player miscalculated the match “Barcelona” – “Liverpool” with the odds of 1.90, which means that only this accumulator will be played, respectively, the winnings will be 446 rubles. But you shouldn’t be upset with this either, because some kind of win is much better than nothing.

But there is a huge plus – since the system consists of several express bets that are independent of each other, this means that if one match is lost, then there is a chance that others will win and you will receive some kind of win.

Rules. Rule # 1. Do not ignore the calculator that exists there. Don’t be afraid to check your winnings.

Rule # 2. Particular attention should be paid to the coefficients, which should be kept in the range from 1.7 to 2.4. Many thoughtful players advise beginners to keep odds of at least 1.4.

Rule number 3. To get a win, it is important to make systems with large odds. This will make it easier to profit from the bet.

The “best” system options are those in which the first digit is less than the second. For example:

  1. 5 out of 8 – this means that the express train will be recruited from five options, although there are eight events.
  2. 2 out of 8.
  3. 3 out of 7.
  4. 2 out of 6.

There are as many as a million such examples, there are a lot of them, but these are some of them.

Conclusion. I think now everything is clear, although the single system is safer, and you should start playing with it so that there is no risk of losing everything. In more detail, you can understand everything in more detail on your own experience. Good luck and great wins!

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