Photos of iPhone 13 without charging port posted online

Apple has been creating smartphones for several years now, so it understands very well and realizes what users need to be satisfied. Currently, the most modern and advanced mobile device of the company is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, equipped with the latest technology and technology, but in the near future everything will change for the better, as such a new smartphone will be presented and then released on the market. like the iPhone 13. This device will be announced in September 2021, that is, you won’t have to wait too long for this very moment. The novelty will be the first mobile device of the company to receive support for 5G networks.

The new “iPhone” will be able to fully operate in fifth-generation networks, while providing high-speed data transfer, and this is guaranteed to please everyone. Today, January 30, 2020, insiders posted pictures of the future novelty on the network, which shed light on exactly how it will look when it hits the market and becomes available for purchase to all users. As you would expect, the iPhone 13 will look almost the same compared to the iPhone 12, but users can count on a smaller display bezel, a more compact Face ID face scanning system, and at the same time, in addition, integrated into display fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

Photos of iPhone 13 without charging port posted online Photos of iPhone 13 without charging port posted online

Thus, the new mobile device will be the first in the history of Apple that will be able to offer users two ways of biometric identification at once – the Face ID face scanner and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and both of them will be easy and simple to use without experiencing any difficulties. and complexities. In addition to all this, the iPhone 13 is credited with a new generation of smart OLED screen, which will change its frequency from 14 Hz to 120 Hz, depending on the displayed content. This will not only save battery power when running on battery power, but it will also be able to provide maximum smoothness in dynamic scenes in films and when working with the interface of the iOS 15 operating system.

Photos of iPhone 13 without charging port posted online Photos of iPhone 13 without charging port posted online

Otherwise, the new Apple phone is equipped with a more powerful processor, an improved camera, an even more capacious battery, improved sensors for tracking physical activity, and at the same time, it also supports modern advanced wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi 6e and mmWave. 5G. One of the features of the iPhone 13, judging by the information published on the network, is the complete absence of any connectors, that is, the new Apple smartphone will be deprived of the Lightning connector, so users will simply not be able to connect wired headphones and anything else to this mobile device. and that, of course, will definitely definitely upset some people a lot.

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