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Behold the old blood, Gepetto.

Everyone remembers the classic tale of little Pinocchio, right? A wooden boy who comes to life and his nose grows whenever he lies. He tries to become a real boy, chopping monsters into bloody guts with a huge ax.

Wait, the last part doesn’t sound quite right.

Released this week on a new Steam page, Lies of P transforms Carlo Collodi’s childhood fairy tale into a dark slasher, similar to Bloodborne. The trailer also features all the hallmarks of From Software’s game. Choral howls, majestic sophisticated architecture, corpse-strewn fields and torn to pieces by monsters. Even Geppetto’s outfit could be easily borrowed from the Bloodborne wardrobe.

As the wooden boy, you will hack your way through the ruined city of Krat to find your creator. Lies of P, which looks very strange, remains true to the original storyline: quests allow you to “lie” when you complete them. The more you lie, the more you become human, which has many pros and cons.

Unfortunately, Round8 Studios did not consider the possibility of growing a nose long enough to turn it into a sword.

Lies of P will be the second game from the developers after Bless Unleashed, an MMO that was released in full earlier this month and which (judging by the reviews on Steam) looks pretty good. Lies of P seems even more grandiose in its purpose, nodding directly to Dark Souls – a dangerous game considering Elden Ring is less than a year away.

There is currently no release date for Lies of P, but expect a gameplay trailer on the game’s official website “soon”.

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