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Presentations of regional film clubs took place at the All-Worldn conference “Rent of documentary films in World: the present and the future” of the Flahertiana festival. The Commonwealth is engaged not only in showing films, but also in discussing them. This format unites people with the same interests, and also makes it possible to popularize cinematography in the country.

We found out what the soul of film club organizers hurts about, and how they see the future of such communities.

Alexander Chernov, presenter of the film club «Digital and film» (Bryansk).

The Cinema Club “Digit and Film” operates on the basis of the art-cafe “113” in Bryansk. It was founded by journalist Alexander Chernov and his wife. The decision to show only documentaries was fundamental.

Alexander Chernov: “At that time, we ourselves did not really understand what a non-fiction movie was. Only after a while did they realize that they had missed it in their life. The big problem in the development of the cinema club is that people still do not perceive documentary films properly. The viewer does not understand that non-fiction films often, if not in most cases, can be more interesting than fictional ones. I want to note that the entrance to us is free, while the halls are still half empty. Perhaps this is due to our mentality or lack of education and poor outlook.

Another problem is related to the law on rental licenses. Now it is very difficult to select films and show what you want.

* Amendments to the law came into force on July 1, 2014 «On state support for cinematography ”, which provide for the availability of distribution certificates for films intended for public screenings.

When we think about introducing feature films into the screenings, we again run into problems with the rental. Not every distributor will take the paperwork to show the tape in a small cinema club. Despite all this, we try not to give up.

I believe that with a decent organization, the right PR, funding and commitment, you can make people more willing to visit movie clubs and watch documentaries. ”

Ekaterina Khaimina, host of the film club «Thirty minus» (Glazov city).

The Thirty Minus Cinema Club meets once a month at the Korolenko-8 cultural base in Glazov. Both young people and older viewers come to discuss films. Currently, the percentage of documentaries and feature films on the site is approximately the same. The host of the film club is Ekaterina Khaimina.

Ekaterina Khaimina: “In the summer, the main activity of the cinema club is suspended, because the“ vegetable season ”begins in the city. At the same time, at normal times, the occupancy of the hall is average. It happens that a lot of people come, it happens, on the contrary. But for me, the number of 20 people is already a result, which I am very happy about.

The main problem I will name is the difficulty of finding films. This is a rather complicated procedure, especially now that the rules on rental licenses must be taken into account. In our cinema club, people always openly talk about whether they liked the film or not. I have a great responsibility to the audience. I try to make the films resonate within them.

In the future, I would renew film clubs for schoolchildren and children. There is a lot to learn from this age group. ”

Vladimir Zherekhov, host of the film club «Art cinema», Ufa

In Ufa, the Art Cinema discussion club is supervised by Vladimir Zherekhov. He is also its founder. The meetings are held in the cinema hall at the State Museum named after M.V. Nesterova. Zherekhov shows both cinema classics and modern cinema.

Vladimir Zherekhov: “I can’t say that a lot of people go to cinema clubs. But the main thing is that I gave older people the opportunity to watch classics in the cinema. There is a huge difference between watching a picture on a computer and watching a movie. At the same time, young people, most likely, watch films at home, because they attend film meetings less often than others. Most of the Art-Cinema repertoire is made up of feature films. Unfortunately, people have no preparation for the perception of documentary films.

The existence of film clubs is a merit of their creators, since these associations do not have any third-party support.

I believe that some state measures are needed in this matter, and the creation of a union of film clubs in the country could favorably affect the activities of organizations. This could make it easier for each other to work both in the issue of rental, and in terms of fighting for their rights. ”

Vitaly Skorev, host of cinema clubs in Nizhny Tagil

There are four cinema clubs in Nizhny Tagil. Each of them has its own topic and audience.

Vitaly Skorev: “The Kinogurman cinema club is already 15 years old. It has regular viewers who regularly attend screenings and take an active part in film discussions. The Kinokritika cinema club was organized last year with the aim of uniting “home-grown film critics”. Now self-taught film critics can share their knowledge not only with friends, but also with a large audience. In addition, with the support of the Nizhny Tagil diocese, the Mirror of the Soul film club was created. There we show thematic films-parables. The fourth cinema club “Kinoakademik” shows films for people from the rehabilitation center. At the screenings, they watch and discuss good Soviet cinema.

These clubs are no longer debatable, but educational. They teach the viewer to understand cinema. It turned out that many people are interested in this format.

I believe that it is necessary to create an association of film clubs throughout the country, where we can jointly acquire the rights to films, go out to distributors and exchange information with each other. “

Summing up the comments of representatives of regional film clubs, we can draw several conclusions: the Worldn viewer is not as interested in documentary films as fiction, film clubs very often face the problem of choosing a repertoire, and the attendance of events leaves much to be desired. At the same time, it is on the sites of film clubs that you can deeply study films and their features, as well as develop yourself.

Sofia Iosko

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