Psychonauts 2 gameplay cutscene plunges us deep into the consciousness of Raz | Easy Online Work

Psychonauts 2 will be out in the next two months, but Microsoft hasn’t finished showing it yet.

The excitement about E3 2021 last weekend might have subsided, but Microsoft wasn’t worried about it. In the new “Xbox Showcase Extended” broadcast today, the publisher did not limit themselves to the most anticipated games on their list, but also introduced Psychonauts 2.

Double Fine founder Tim Schafer has shown us a fresh take on the highly anticipated sequel, with new details on multiple levels we’ve seen before. The first is the entry level of the game, the mind of Dr. Caligosto Loboto, the villain from the first part, with whom Raz has since become friends. Once he delves into his mind to extract some of the information hidden inside, and he has to overcome many unpleasant-looking teeth to do this.

Schafer also touched on another early level in the mind of Psychonauts director, Hollis Forsythe. This level is presented as a tutorial (for both Raz and the player) for developing psychic power, a new ability in the sequel called “Mind Link”. Once he goes too far in the experiment and begins to tinker with Forsythe’s memories, instilling in him a passion for gambling in the style of the movie “Inception”.

The most exciting location for fans is probably Raz’s return to Whispering Rock summer camp from the first installment. Apparently, this is where Raz will have to come to terms with his own past, including the water curse of his family and the past associated with the Psychonauts agency.

These are all exciting things that Schafer may be talking too much about! Enchanting stories are part of what makes Double Fine games special, so I don’t want to know too much about Psychonauts 2’s plot points.
The final release of Psychonauts 2 will take place on August 25th.